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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 21 DECEMBER 2022 NEWS ACROSS 1) Got together 4) ATM output 8) Ohio's "Rubber City" 13) Baseball stat 14) Big name in foil 16) Actress Tea 17) Dining room furniture 19) Atlas enlargement 20) Get wind of 21) Clear the chalkboard 23) "Untouchables" boss 24) "Apollo 13" org. 26) The hunted 28) Jellied appetizer 31) Monopoly, for one 36) Job interviews for fashion models 38) Final Four org. 39) U.S. terr. that's now two states 40) "___ tree falls ..." 41) Soup crockery 43) HST's successor 44) Zilch 45) In the Red? 46) "CSI" workplace 48) Place for a chess set 51) Foe 52) Gambling mecca 53) Dorky type 55) Madison Avenue award 58) Diet drink phrase 60) Grander than grand 64) Fusilli, e.g. 66) Where guacamole is often prepared 68) Up and about 69) Divvy up 70) Unagi, in sushi bars 71) Fork-in-the-socket conse- quence 72) Hardy lass 73) Took a load off DOWN 1) Jersey material 2) Jay Gould's railroad 3) "I did it!" 4) Locomotive part 5) Bitter___ (purgative) 6) Sacred beetle of Egypt 7) Wedding dance 8) "Aladdin" prince 9) Big name in "elevator music" 10) Fragrant gift 11) Wallet stuffers 12) Lice-to-be 15) Magazine's revenue source 18) Els of golf 22) Gofer's job 25) Protective sheet 27) Santa portrayer in "Elf' 28) Getting up there? 29) Vergara of "Modem Fami- ly" 30) Sacred hymn 32) Youngest-ever Oscar winner 33) Discombobulate 34) Title for a chief executive 35) Barely make it 37) "Valley of the Dolls" author 42) Starts up after a crash 47) Titicaca's setting 49) Like Nin's writings 50) Pave the way for 54) New York Bay's_ Island 55) Tax prep pros 56) Corporal punishment unit 57) Analogy words 59) Kirk's rank (Abbr.) 61) Three Stooges missiles 62) Inventor's germ 63) Beantown hoopster, for short 65) Genesis vessel 67) UFO crew F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly cloudy Visibility Good Wind Variable force 2 or 3 at first, becoming West Northwest and then becoming force 3 or 4 by late morning TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER PARTLY CLOUDY POSSIBLE SHOWERS 18 0 / 11 0 17 0 / 13 0 FEELS LIKE 18 0 FEELS LIKE 17 0 MATTHEW VELLA LABOUR Party activist Manuel Cus- chieri has once again 'accused' party leader and prime minister Robert Ab- ela of having formally instructed him to discontinue his broadcasts on La- bour Party radio One, at the behest of two unnamed Castille insiders. Cuschieri, now broadcasting his 'Linja Diretta' show on Smash TV, said in his latest installments that Abela communicated the decision to have his midday broadcast cancelled after years of serving Labour as an unofficial propaganda mouthpiece. Cuschieri said he was "nearly convinced" that two other Castille aides contributed to the decision. "I was given various reasons why the broadcast had to be cancelled from One Radio... they said I had bee mistaken in defending the political work of Joseph Muscat, of defend- ing Rosianne Cutajar, of disagree- ing with a move to have Lawrence Gonzi installed as President of the Republic, of arguing that any excess payments on energy bills should be refunded by the Labour administra- tion," Cuschieri said. Cuschieri, twice a Labour candi- date during the 1980s, had served the party since 1989 as an activist entrusted with the collection of do- nations. Towards the beginning of summer, Cuschieri's long-time programme was put on a hiatus for the summer, after having mounted a defence of Joseph Muscat, who had been tapped to become the president of the Premier League consortium of Maltese football clubs. His defence of the erstwhile PM provoked a reaction from a senior party official, who said the radio show would cease broadcasting for the summer. Cuschieri, umbraged, turned to Facebook live to broadcast his polemics, although much of his radio audience failed to migrate to the social media platform. Cuschieri still bruised over Abela decision to stop One Radio broadcast Manuel Cuschieri

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