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14 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 8 JANUARY 2023 NEWS Julie Pomorski Singer I want to see more calmness. Tranquillity in general. From fewer people fighting in the street to less tension and pres- sure to complete all tasks! It's difficult for me since my life has already degraded like this, but that's precisely what I want: less craziness and more serenity. Joseph Refalo Singer 2023 should mark the return of our positive vibes, empathy, and, most importantly, kind- ness. The world has changed dramatically during the last few years. The present Rus- sia-Ukraine conflict, climate change, and so on. This, I feel, caused a lot of undetected ten- sion and negative thoughts in our minds. It had a big influence on all of us, and I feel that many of us lost how to demonstrate empa- thy and, most importantly, the significance of being kind. Nothing can change what is occurring, but I believe we can influence how things are han- dled by demonstrating empathy for one another and being nice on a regular basis. I recognise that our surround- ings do not encourage us to project positive thoughts, but it takes nothing, to be more com- passionate and mindful of what we can do to make a better to- morrow. Mark Spiteri Lucas Composer I'd like to see more accepting and mature people who don't use social media to offend oth- ers. More open-minded individ- uals who talk with their minds rather than the minds of their political party. People who understand and exhibit compassion rather than hate and condemn while behav- ing like religious paladins. People who do not wear masks or are double-faced. I want people to be positive but practical. Cherylis Singer I'd like for everyone to have an optimistic outlook on life. To live day by day and perhaps worry less. Drakard Singer and actor I feel that the most harmful thing among young people is apathy, therefore I urge us to be conscious of what is going on around us. For example, we could pay at- tention to the environmental damage we do by the way we spend our lives, or we can keep our language alive by speaking it and respecting it. I strongly believe we young people are capable of causing waves of positive change if we are all aware of what has to be done and, ultimately, are not oblivious to the problems that plague our society. Keith Demicoli TV Presenter The primary change I would like to see in 2023 is an increase in reading and physical activity, which should become an inte- gral part of Maltese culture. Reading fosters creativity and improves a person's capacity to conduct more critical analysis. Aside from physical appear- ance, physical exercise provides several mental health advantag- es. In the midst of all this com- motion, mental health deserves far more attention and care. On a personal level, I'd like to start making more time for re- flection. Louis Andrew Cassar Baritone, tenor In general, I want to live in a less suffocated nation. Every road- way is clogged with traffic, and we hardly have room to breathe. This brings me to my wish for greater awareness of the envi- ronment. There should be an increase in natural influence where there is development. For instance, more tree or plants plantation. Culture wise,I appreciate that we have returned to "normal- ity," but there has to be better event management. Everything Bring on 2023: artists, celebs and performers give us their New Year wish-list Compiled by Marianna Calleja

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