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6 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 8 JANUARY 2023 NEWS By means of a decree of the 24th March, 2022, of the Courts of Magistrates (Malta), in the records of the Counter-warrant in the names Dr Anna Marie Gaffiero Muscat Drago vs Heather McNamara née Peary Counter, Warrant number 358/2022, the following publication was ordered for the purpose of effecting service of Dr Anna Marie Gaffiero Muscat Drago in terms of Article 187(3) et sequitur of Cap 12. By means of a Counter- warrant number 358/2022 filed in the Courts of Magistrates (Malta), following the (Executive) Garnishee Order number 1142/2020 in the names Dr Anna Marie Gaffiero Muscat Drago (ID 216961M) vs Heather McNamara née Peary (ID 26311A) issued on the 28th February, 2022, the applicant Heather McNamara née Peary (ID 26311A) respectfully asked: That this Honourable Court orders the issue of the opportune Counter-warrant for the under mentioned reason. Reason: Because of payment as decided by the Commission of the Administration of Justice dated 22nd February, 2021, in the cases number 25/12 and 16/20 in the names Heather McNamara (the complainant) vs Dr Anna Marie Gaffiero Muscat Drago (respondent) extract here attached and marked as Doc. A. Counter-warrant - Republic of Malta Court Warrant - To the Court Marshall Whereas following the execution of the warrant to which the above application refers there are sufficient reasons according to law why this said warrant is not to remain in force. Given by the Court above mentioned that is the Courts of Magistrates (Malta) with the witness of the Magistrate Dr Caroline Farrugia Frendo. In the Magistrates Court (Malta). In the records of the Counter-warrant number 358/2022 The Court, having seen the application, Orders service to the counter-party who has two (2) days within which to reply. Today 3rd March, 2022 Notification: Dr Anna Marie Gaffiero Muscat Drago, Plot 7, Triq il-Maqdes Megalitiku, Saint Paul's Bay Registry of the Court of Magistrates (Malta), today, the 17th June, 2022 Alexandra Debattista For the Registrar, Civil Courts and Tribunals JAMES DEBONO A massive, five-storey block of 62 apartments is set to introduce a bulky development on Fgura's Triq Hompesch, rivalling the parish church just 150m away. Photo-montages from the Vassallo Group show the de- velopment, set on a vacant site opposite the Fgura local coun- cil and Cross monument, easily becoming the most prominent on the main road, although mitigated by the sheer width of the road that makes higher buildings appear less claustro- phobic. The undeveloped land used to be home what the Fgura coun- cil claimed had been the town's oldest building, originally listed as a building meriting a degree of protection, but later de-list- ed and demolished. The project will have four un- derground storeys of parking for 91 cars, and retail outlets at basement and ground floor level. The block is set to create a blank party wall on the neigh- bouring row of two-storey buildings. The rest of the main road is also mostly two- and three-houses, but a five-sto- rey block has already been approved at the intersection with Triq Nazzarenu Farrugia, which also fronts the proposed development. The demolition of the pre- vious Grade 3 farmhouse was approved despite the council's objection to a planning condi- tion to reutilise stone corbels deemed to have heritage val- ue. The Superintendence for Cultural Heritage had a change of heart when it realised thet re-using the corbels for the Vassallo project was not fea- sible and "would constitute a pastiche of elements devoid of any context". Instead, it de- manded a €7,000 'cultural her- itage gain' from the developers. The farmhouse, of minimal protection since 1995, was known to have parts dating over 200 years, but was delisted after the SCH found it to have "limited cultural heritage sig- nificance" as a small, "incoher- ent" complex of buildings and spaces. Fgura: 62-apartment block looms Stormwater tunnel to alleviate flooding next to Mater Dei Photomontages show impact of bulky development on Fgura townscape on vacant site that once hosted 200-year- old farmhouse New 600m stormwater tunnel will be excavated under Triq Sir Anthony Mamo to connect with existing Birkirkara bypass tunnel JAMES DEBONO PLANS for a 600m-under- ground tunnel could alleviate severe and increasingly frequent flooding problems in the vicin- ity of the Mater Dei Hospital, by diverting rainwater from the Taż-Żwejt area in San Gwann and occurring at the main hos- pital access. The tunnel will be excavated below Triq Sir Anthony Mamo proceeding towards Triq Dun Karm, to eventually connect with the existing flood relief tunnel below the bypass. Oil and grit separators will treat the stormwater runoff from pollutants before flowing into the proposed tunnel. The San Gwann industrial es- tate and Taż-Żwejt residential area, as well as the Life Scienc- es Park, have limited stormwa- ter systems that cannot keep up with runoff from storms, which are also becoming more frequent due to climate change. The tunnel is expect- ed to reduce flooding at the roundabout junction that leads into Mater Dei Hospital, which would also contribute to a re- duction in traffic congestion while improving accessibility to the hospital during storms. It is hoped the tunnel will di- vert and collect 20% to 30% of the rainwater catchment of the area, reducing the damage to habitats in the Għollieq valley during flash floods, whilst still keeping 70-80% of the runoff flowing into the valley to sus- tain the existing biodiversity.

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