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7 NEWS maltatoday | SUNDAY • 8 JANUARY 2023 By means of a decree of the 24th March, 2022, of the Courts of Magistrates (Malta), in the records of the Counter-warrant in the names Dr Anna Marie Gaffiero Muscat Drago vs Heather McNamara née Peary, Counter-warrant number 357/2022, the following publication was ordered for the purpose of effecting service of Dr Anna Marie Gaffiero Muscat Drago in terms of Article 187(3) et sequitur of Cap 12. By means of a Counter-warrant number 357/2022 filed in the Courts of Magistrates (Malta), following the (Executive) Garnishee Order number 935/2016 in the names Dr Anna Marie Gaffiero Muscat Drago (ID 216961M) vs Heather McNamara née Peary (ID 26311A) issued on the 28th February, 2022, the applicant Heather McNamara née Peary (ID 26311A) respectfully asked: That this Honourable Court orders the issue of the opportune Counter-warrant for the under mentioned reason. Reason: Because of payment as decided by the Commission of the Administration of Justice dated 22nd February, 2021, in the cases number 25/12 and 16/20 in the names Heather McNamara (the complainant) vs Dr Anna Marie Gaffiero Muscat Drago (respondent) extract here attached and marked as Doc. A. Counter-warrant - Republic of Malta Court Warrant - To the Court Marshall Whereas following the execution of the warrant to which the above application refers there are sufficient reasons according to law why this said warrant is not to remain in force. Given by the Court above mentioned that is the Courts of Magistrates (Malta) with the witness of the Magistrate Dr Caroline Farrugia Frendo. In the Magistrates Court (Malta). In the records of the Counter-warrant number 357/2022 The Court, Having seen the application, Orders service to the counter-party who has two (2) days within which to reply. Today 3rd March, 2022 Notification: Dr Anna Marie Gaffiero Muscat Drago, Plot 7, Triq il-Maqdes Megalitiku, Saint Paul's Bay . Registry of the Court of Magistrates (Malta), today, the 17th June 2022. Alexandra Debattista For the Registrar, Civil Courts and Tribunals JAMES DEBONO A National Spatial Policy aimed at guiding development away from environmentally-sensitive areas, could come with a ge- neric loophole enabling govern- ment to override it when push- ing forward projects deemed to be of "national importance" and whose benefits outweigh non-compliance with the new strategy. This emerges from a scoping report setting the parameters for a forthcoming Strategic En- vironment Assessment (SEA) on the environmental impacts of Malta's new National Spatial Strategy (NSS). SEAs are obligatory for any government plan or policy which impacts on the environ- ment. The National Spatial Strat- egy (NSS) will be setting the "spatial framework" by adopt- ing "a sequential approach", a principle already enshrined in the Strategic Plan for the Environment and Develop- ment (SPED), to direct devel- opment away from rural areas and so-called outside-develop- ment-zones (ODZ), to already disturbed sites within the de- velopment zone. But the scoping report for the forthcoming SEA study, high- lights one particular excep- tion in the new spatial strategy which states that "in the case of projects of national impor- tance, the government may – after balancing economic, social and environmental pri- orities including non-compli- ance with specific provisions of this plan – conclude that the positive aspects of these pro- jects outweigh the negatives and decide in their favour. When such cases present themselves, "the government will provide a reasoning detail- ing the issues it has taken into account and how it arrived at its final conclusion." In its reaction to the scoping report, the Environment and Resources Authority is insist- ing that the SEA study should "examine the implications of this statement" particularly "in respect of the environmental obligations and requirements which, irrespective of the state- ment, would still need to be ad- hered to." ERA is also insisting that the new policy is guided by the principle that urban develop- ment is directed towards com- mitted development zones, to avoid additional take-up of ru- ral land and that ODZ develop- ment is an exception, "limited to genuine, minimalistic agri- cultural development which necessitates a rural location." The new National Spatial Strategy will be part of the SPED review, which had re- placed the Structure Plan as Malta's overriding planning policy in 2015. The review will be based on studies analysing Malta's spa- tial strategy, based on key per- formance indicators and data sourced from entities like the National Statistics Office and the Central Bank, among oth- ers. The studies will also evaluate the spatial implications of the government's current econom- ic, social and environmental policies. The NSS will identify past and present development trends, to project Malta's future spatial needs, as well as determine how the country's sustainabil- ity framework can ensure that development today does not hinder the lives of future gen- erations. In this way the country will be in a position to plan for the re- quired economic growth while safeguarding the environment. 'Loophole' may permit government to defy new spatial strategy Environment and Resources Authority insists that implications of this exception should be examined in forthcoming assessment of new strategy aimed at directing development to already built-up areas

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