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PAGE 7 Euthanasia Humanists say it is time to open a dialogue on end- of-life options for people MT2 TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT/COVID19 SUNDAY • 1 JANUARY 2023 • ISSUE 1209 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday Gozo: Abbazia bid to claw back Nadur lands Look out for... MATTHEW AGIUS THE lawyer running a 17th century foundation to administer a series of Gozitan lands claimed by the heirs of a noblewoman, has filed a constitutional challenge to a Legal Notice that would see its controversial claim over large swathes of land in Gozo being cut off at the knees. In a constitutional application in the First Hall of the Civil Court last August, lawyer Patrick Valentino, in his capacity as rector of the Ab- bazia di Sant Antonio delli Navar- ra, called upon the government, the minister responsible for lands, and the Lands Registrar, to reinstate the foundation's title over parcels of land in Nadur, and declare a breach of its rights. AGIUS MATTHEW VELLA ALMOST €1.2 billion in un- paid income tax is considered "uncollectable" in Malta, ac- cording to a National Audit Office analysis of tax arrears that says the government is now chasing over €422 million in taxes owing to the State. And the massive figure of ar- rears owing to the State grows exponentially when it comes to VAT, with over €4.5 billion left unpaid and at least 92% (€4.1bn) now considered to be not collectable by the VAT de- partment. The figure includes penalties and relative interest generated when a taxpayer fails to submit a VAT return by the due date. As reported in previous years, the highest instance of non-collectable taxes relates to that owing by self-employed individuals, with €621 million out of gross arrears of €772 million, or 80%, being deemed uncollectable. PAGE 2 Amendments to the abortion law, hosting EuroPride, the Ukraine war, the Yorgen Fenech trial, King Charles III's coronation ... PAGES 4-9 After head coach Devis Mangia's hasty exit, the national team looks to another Italian to guide it to greater glory in 2023 PAGES 10 & 11 Malta's football hopes €5.3 billion in income tax and VAT deemed 'uncollectable' true impact the Qatargate scandal INTERVIEW MT2 Benedict XVI, 1927-2022 Joseph Ratzinger, the eminent German theologian and conservative enforcer of Roman Catholic Church doctrine who resigned in 2015, died on Saturday at the age of 95 PAGE 2 €1.95 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 1 JANUARY 2023 COMMENT Pelé: a global superstar SIMON CHADWICK PAGE 7 The Skinny Malta, shrunk down MICHAEL FALZON 2022: Beyond the year that was PAGE 7 ALEX AGIUS SALIBA 'Qatargate' about more than just 'Qatar' INTERVIEW PAGES 8 & 9 EDITORIAL Malta needs to clean its act up… fast PAGE 2 ANDREW BONELLO & OSCAR PARES Why a bottom-up approach is necessary for not-for-profit cannabis associations PAGES 10 & 11 Pelé's talent has never been in doubt. Yet it was fortuitous that he played at a time when soccer was emerging from the shadows cast by global conflict, when the needed symbols of hope What are we skinning? Celebrity criminal lawyer and chronic internet-atten- tion addict Franco Debono suggesting that former Xara- bank presenter and current chronic plastic fetus carrier Peppi Azzopardi serve as the nation's next prime minister. Why are we skinning it? Because it brings together two of the country's most persistently annoying public figures in one sentence, for reasons that cannot help but be telling of the current (and arguably, eternal) national mood. How is that? Well, it could arguably be all about Franco Debono pitching for his own version of the Trump phenomenon by putting Peppi forward as candidate for head of state, which is a thing in its own right. It certainly is a 'thing', though more likely akin to Lovecraft's The Thing that Should Not Be, and/or John Carpenter's titular disgust- ingly protean creature from the '80s classic of the same name... Your Christmas mov- ie marathon was distinctly different to mine... What can I say, I'm a Hal- loween-every-day kinda person. The promise of a Peppi presidency must be exciting for you, then. Seriously though, how unifying IS Peppi, really? It'll depend on who you ask. I mean, he spearheaded the country's most-watched 'discussion' programme back in the day... The 'day' being the relative- ly sedate mid-90s to early '10s, though... Which apart from its comparatively quiet political climate, was also a time before such divisive, sensationalistic 'culture wars' could be comfortably fought by each and every one of us from the comfort of our couches as we clutched our respective digital devic- es... Wow, observational cultural commentary that ALSO rhymes! Never let it be said that I skimp on bestowing holiday gifts, late to the party as I may be... The real gift here is that Franco Debono opted against crowning himself prospective president... A truly shocking out-of-char- acter move -- a glitch in the script that we can only at- tribute to a piercing holiday hangover. Do say: "Conflating 'populist' with 'unifying' has caused little but long-term grief for our culture internationally, so maybe we should dodge that bullet locally?" Don't say: "Being an- ti-choice seems to be the presidential brand du jour, fit right in, after No. 172 - Peppi Pipped for Prez maltatoday | SUNDAY • 1 JANUARY 2023 CLASSIFIEDS & COMMERCIALS ARTS • TV • WHAT'S ON Olivia Lilith Malta's Got Talent 'Golden Buzzer' winner maltatoday Get the critical perspective on politics, culture and society Be the first to enjoy our print newspaper with a subscription When you need to decode what politicians are saying, when you want to understand why Malta's crazy construction industry is impacting upon your life, when you need to step out of the social media and understand the world from a different perspective, our journalists and columnists will provide you with expert reporting, analysis and commentary. Order now at

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