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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 18 JANUARY 2023 NEWS ACROSS 1) Petty quarrel 5) Throw, as mud 10) Tooth point 14) Korea's continent 15) Tea sweetener 16) Sui of fashion 17) Muslim palace area open only during the third month? 19) Stick around 20) Pale-looking 21) It often follows a noun 22) Irritates 23) Take steps 24) "Lenore" poet 26) Golfer Palmer, to pals 28) Musical group doing parody songs? 32) Stymie 35) Apollo org. 36) Prefix with "life" or "wife" 37) Jockey's handful 38) High peak 39) Fancy party 40) Busts and such 41) Barnyard bundle 43) Comments in parentheses 45) Potato in a still-life painting? 48) "All___ in favour ..." 49) According to 50) One walking on foot, for short 53) Chicago mayor Emanuel 54) Pitching whizzes 57) Ballerina's rail 59) Arizona's ___ Fria National Monument 60) Look from a mesmerised cinema patron? 62) Mannerly guy 63) Flabbergast 64) Aroma 65) Regarding 66) Comic strip segment 67) Apt word spelled by the added letters of 17-, 28-, 45- and 60- Across DOWN 1) Outback Bowl city 2) Sci-fi's Asimov 3) Winning position 4) Almanac tidbit 5) "Zip your lip!" 6) Bakery units 7) Regarding 8) At no time, to poets 9) Duffels carried to workouts, say 10) Place for high rollers 11) In need of clipping, as hedg - es 12) Rattler hazard 13) Ponies up 18) Really keyed up 25) Stable morsel 27) HDTV brand 28) Bronze-hued 29) Coastal arm 30) Catch a few Zs 31) Uplifting poems 32) Fairway hazard 33) Legacies 34) Unjustified persecution 38) Bristol brew 39) Pine relative 41) One of Greyhound's fleet 42) Guide for a walking tour 43) "Honest" U.S. prez 44) Croats' neighbors 46) Part of BLT 47) Expand, as a business 50) Madrid museum 51) Typo, for one 52) Name on a tractor 53) Shankar song, often 55) Very deep sleep 56) "___ Almighty" (2007 movie) 58) Quark's place 61) Wriggly fish F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly cloudy Visibility Good Wind Variable force 2 or 3 at first, becoming West Northwest and then becoming force 3 or 4 by late morning TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER PARTLY CLOUDY POSSIBLE SHOWERS 18 0 / 11 0 17 0 / 13 0 FEELS LIKE 18 0 FEELS LIKE 17 0 SEVEN new residential flatlets will be added to a crisis pregnancy shelter owned by Life Network Foundation. The foundation runs Dar Tgħanniqa ta' Omm, a home offering assistance to vulnerable women who have unplanned pregnancies. "Our experience has shown that a gentle step towards completely independent liv- ing gives mothers and their children the best chance of a strong and independent future," said Christie Zammit, Adminis- trative Officer of Dar Tgħanniqa ta' Omm. "The aim of these flatlets is to support these women as they continue their ed- ucation or settle into full time employ- ment." The foundation said that the flatlets will allow mothers the opportunity to study or work while staying at the home for up to three years. Works on the flatlets will commence this week with the aim of being open to first residents by May 2023. "Life Network is committed to pro- viding women and children with the re- sources they need to succeed, and these new flatlets are an important step towards empowering women and helping them achieve independence," Life Network Foundation chairperson Miriam Sciber- ras said. Seven new residential flatlets for Life Network's crisis pregnancy shelter Life Network Foundation will be adding seven new residential f latlets to Dar Tgħanniqa ta' Omm, it's a crisis pregnancy shelter Dar Gianna and Dar Chaira are two new projects from Life Network Foundation

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