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11 NEWS maltatoday | SUNDAY • 22 JANUARY 2023 COURT NOTICE The Registrar, Civil Courts and Tribunals notifies that the First Hall of the Civil Court ordered the sale by Judicial Auction of the following property to be held in room numbered 78, nearby the Courts Archives, Level -1, Courts of Justice, Republic Street, Valletta. Date Time Judicial Sale No Property 02 nd February, 2023 10.30am 64/14 – EGL Bank of Valletta p.l.c (C 2833) Vs Amity Development Ltd (C 37831) i) Maisonette on ground floor level in a semi-finished state accessible by common drive in which drive in can also be used from the 3 car garage, with all its rights and appurtenances resulting from its relative position including possibility but not limited servitudes of overlying windows and balconies and terraces, rainwater, including drains and drainage pipes and any other rights and servitudes from its position valued at €255,000. ii) 3 car garage on the ground floor level accessible by common drive which also provides to a ground floor level maisonette with all its rights and appurtances and servitudes resulting from its position valued at €45,000, iii) 12 car garage in semi basement level accessible by common drive which abuts in Triq Notabile, Attard with all its rights and appurtances and servitudes resulting from its position valued at €99,400; iv) One car garage in semi basement level accessible by common drive which abuts in Triq Notabile, Attard with all its rights and appurtances and servitudes resulting from its position valued at €17,500; The said maisonette and garages are built on a portion of land which previously was built the house name 'Rustica' in Notabile Road, Attard, which portion of land is bounded on Southeast by the said street, West by property of Joseph and Carmen Mifsud, North by property of Alfred Grech or his successors in title, free and unencumbered with all its rights and appurtenances. v) 1 bedroom penthouse built on a block of 4 apartments which block is officially numbered 17 named 'Mdina View Court' in Triq il-Larinġ, Attard. The said block is built on plot number 20 from the land of tal-Bajdun, Attard and including with the penthouse its relative airspace as well pro rata share from the common parts including the system of drains and drainage, free and unencumbered with all its rights and appurtenances and all the servitudes resulting from its relative position sia active and passive and One Car garage, unnamed and unnumbered, but privately numbered 5 underlying flat number 4 situated in a basement of 8 garages accessible including its share of the ramp and the common parts accessible from a common ramp, which entrance is unnumbered and abuts in Triq il- Larinġ, Attard. The said garage is the second garage on the right when entering the basement from the drive in and has a backyard with a window in it; the backyard has all the drains for the rainwater. The garage is free and unencumbered with all its rights and appurtenances. This garage is bounded by all compass points with the estate of spouses Briffa or their successors. The penthouse and garage are valued at €131,000. vi) Garage in shell form, unnumbered officially and name of 'Mariella', previously known as 'Salvu Garge, in Triq Luigi Rosato, known as Triq and northwest by property of Jakro Developments Limited or their successors in title, included also with the garage is an undivided share of the common parts in the said level of garages which common parts consists in common the ramp and drive in, lift and lift shafts and shafts. The garage is free and unencumbered with all its rights and appurtenances, subject to the enjoyment of active rights and is subject to the passive servitudes resulting from the relative position of the garage in the complex as better described in the acts of Notary Rachel Busuttil dated 21.05.2014 and is valued at €22,805. 14 th February, 2023 11.30am 7/21 – EGL HSBC Bank Malta plc (C 3177) Vs Yassine Khaled (ID 135504L) et The apartment without its own airspace, internally forming part of the tower known as Tower A1, consisting of 20 apartments, which tower forms part of the development known as "The Three Towers" and which apartment is situated on level 3 and internally marked number 306, in Triq l- Ibjar, Paola, as well as the right of use of common areas of the Tower A1 as better described in the acts of notary Malcolm Mangion published on the 28th February, 2007, underlying and overlying third party property, free and unencumbered, and valued at €205,000. 21 st February, 2023 10.30am 46/22 – KRZ Cutajar Lydon (ID 287490M) et Vs Callus Susan (ID 167772M) The apartment internally marked number 1, situated on the ground floor level, forming parti of a block, without official number and named "Saint Anthony", in Triq ir-Roza, Marsascala, which block is built on the divided portion of land in Marsascala, of the land known as "Ta' Ħamrija", which land consists of plots number 68 and the undivided half of the contiguous plot numbered 69, and are bounded North with the other divided part of plot number 69 and West with plot number 63 forming part of the same land, and East with Triq ir-Roza, previously an unnamed street, free and unencumbered, without any burdens, including the undivided share of the common areas including the main entrance of the block, the stairs and the lift, and including only the use of the roof of the block, and is valued at €135,000. 21 st February, 2023 11.30am 49/22 – AZ Muscat Trudy (ID 241984M) et Vs Mifsud Kimberly (ID 436288M) The tenement with official number 95, named Marianne, in Triq Qrejten, Pieta, consisting of a ground floor underlying another property and as subject to a part of the annual, perpetual, revisible canonae groundrent of €110.00, which ground rent is revisible every hundred years from the date of the act of concession published by the Notary Joseph Cachia and then every fifty years from the date of that revision, otherwise free and unencumbered with all its rights and appurtenances and valued at €265,000. 23 rd February, 2023 10.30am 6/21 – EGL HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. (C 3177) Vs Mizzi Group Ltd (C 21948) The tenement named Millenia, in Triq Aldo Moro, Marsa, consisting of a rectangular plot of depth of circa 50.5 metre and frontage of circa 27.5 metre, with the frontage leading directly on the service road that abuts from and in Triq Aldo Moro (hereby described as service road) and the back façade leading directly on Triq Troubridge. The tenement is built and consists in a basement and four floors built over the street level and the overlying airspace, with areas of the tenement being rented and divided in : Level -01 consisting of stores and open car park, Level 00 consisting in two offices, one presently being used by the Malta Resources Authority while the other office is being used by a religious centre, Level +01 consisting of an office presently used by the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business (MEIB), Level +02 consisting of an office presently used by the Environment Resources Authority (ERA), Level+03 consisting of an office presently used by the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security (MHAS), Level +04 consisting of airspace, part of which is roofed and where one finds number of services that serve the complex, and the overlying airspace, bounded west by said service road, east by another unnamed road abutting on Troubridge Street, and north by property of V.V.M. Limited or its successors in title and south by property of Joseph Bezzina and Company Limited, with all its rights and appurtenances and valued at €8,939,681.50. 23 rd February, 2023 11.00am 29/21 – AZ HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. (C 3177) Vs Borg Eman (ID 252980M) The tenement number 30 named Massabielle previously named Mount Tabor, in Pjazza Kappillan Muscat, Hamrun, partially overlying third party property, free and unencumbered with all its rights and appurtenances, as better described in the acts of Notary Anthony Spiteri Debono dated 20.02.2006 by which the property was acquired through a donation from Josephine Theuma and valued at €295,000. 23 rd February, 2023 11.30am 50/21- AZ Pisani Vivienne (ID 1006048M) et Vs Testa Alfred (ID 106154M) et The flat internally marked number 2 underlying flat marked number 4 and overlying the basement garage and a small store room and the basement underlying garage, without number and without name, together with the ramp in front of the said garage and a small store room. Accessible from the same garage there's also a small store room which has a wide window that abuts onto the ramp as well as a bathroom overlooking the shaft which is common with valued at €21,000. Further details can be obtained from the website: The bidders taking part in the auction must present their identity card Gaetana Aquilina For the Registrar of Civil Courts and Tribunals tribution. The resulting text has subtly different distributional qualities from human text." Several tools are being devel- oped to help people identify whether text has been gener- ated by an AI. One of these tools, GPTZero, aims to iden- tify whether someone used ChatGPT to write a piece of text. "I have yet to see a proper eval- uation of this tool. Informal re- ports in the press have suggest- ed that the success of GPTZero is variable, and in part depend- ent on the length of the text on which it is run." But beyond fluency, Gatt warned that the tool can some- times generate fluent text that is factually incorrect. This is because, while the model has an impressive stock of knowl- edge, the knowledge is learned through language without ac- cess to the world of perception and experience. "Without some form of attri- bution, or other fact-checking mechanism, I think it should be used with caution. Perhaps what will ultimately give the model away is its grasp of the truth." Another shakeup for education Alex Grech, who teaches at the University of Malta's media de- partment, said that ChatGPT is a game-changer for education, but it follows a longer history of tech tools that have been help- ing students in their essays and assessments for years. "I'm old enough to remember the hysteria with Wikipedia, taking laptops into lecture halls and whether students should rely on open education resourc- es - or use calculators. As dis- ruptive technologies go, this is different. Access to a chatbot trained on large language mod- els enables us to use normal lan- guage queries and commands to produce seemingly personalised results." Meanwhile, education systems worldwide have been caught napping, Grech said, and things are likely to get chaotic in the next months. Grech added that ChatGPT opens a Pandora's box since it can't distinguish between truth and falsehood. It's output will not always be factual or trust- worthy, and any essay answers written by ChatGPT could in- clude inaccurate statements. On top of this, the chatbot cannot take into account bias. It might make stuff up, write racially-insensitive content or misogynistic things. "Then again, we know some- thing about chaos in the EdTech world. Just remember the panic in January 2020 when teaching and learning pivoted to emer- gency online instruction over- night and people started blink- ing at other people's bedrooms." Regardless, Grech said that he will be using ChatGPT with his first-year communication students on project work. "We must adapt our learning envi- ronments where we retain the best of older practices while shifting to embrace new tech- nologies - in the same way that calculators and laptops were eventually embraced as a means of augmenting human capacity in different disciplines." "In the short term, ChatGPT is likely to shake the trees of as- sessment and get us to question the value of long-standing, or- thodox teaching methods. In the fullness of time, learning how to use AI/LLM technologies to assist writing and facilitate much-needed critical thinking may well become an essential skill set for young people. They may well use it as a shortcut to code and get things done faster. Ironically, it may take a disrup- tive technological development like the chatbot to force the bas- tions of education to do some soul-searching and adopt more deeply human approaches to teaching and learning. " Can ChatGPT take over journalism? As part of this story, we asked ChatGPT to write an article about ChatGPT using the com- ments we received from each expert. This article, acting as our 'control' experiment, was written by a human journalist in the MaltaToday newsroom. The human-written story was drafted before we submitted the notes into ChatGPT. The tool did what it does best: condensing information and providing a well-written arti- cle. However, it limited itself to a face-value interpretation of the answers at hand. When we read and interpreted the com- ments provided to us, we found a very different common thread that went beyond the threats of ChatGPT to education. We did what the tool could not do – take the human approach and engage with the content on a more critical level. This tool could be revolution- ary for our press statements and copywriting, but journalists can still provide some value by en- gaging critically with the world around them.

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