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8 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 22 JANUARY 2023 NEWS COURT NOTICE The Registrar, Civil Courts and Tribunals notifies that the First Hall of the Civil Court ordered the sale by Judicial Auction of the following property to be held in room numbered 78, nearby the Courts Archives, Level -1, Courts of Justice, Republic Street, Valletta. Date Time Judicial Sale No Property 02 nd February, 2023 10.30am 64/14 – EGL Bank of Valletta p.l.c (C 2833) Vs Amity Development Ltd (C 37831) i) Maisonette on ground floor level in a semi-finished state accessible by common drive in which drive in can also be used from the 3 car garage, with all its rights and appurtenances resulting from its relative position including possibility but not limited servitudes of overlying windows and balconies and terraces, rainwater, including drains and drainage pipes and any other rights and servitudes from its position valued at €255,000. ii) 3 car garage on the ground floor level accessible by common drive which also provides to a ground floor level maisonette with all its rights and appurtances and servitudes resulting from its position valued at €45,000, iii) 12 car garage in semi basement level accessible by common drive which abuts in Triq Notabile, Attard with all its rights and appurtances and servitudes resulting from its position valued at €99,400; iv) One car garage in semi basement level accessible by common drive which abuts in Triq Notabile, Attard with all its rights and appurtances and servitudes resulting from its position valued at €17,500; The said maisonette and garages are built on a portion of land which previously was built the house name 'Rustica' in Notabile Road, Attard, which portion of land is bounded on Southeast by the said street, West by property of Joseph and Carmen Mifsud, North by property of Alfred Grech or his successors in title, free and unencumbered with all its rights and appurtenances. v) 1 bedroom penthouse built on a block of 4 apartments which block is officially numbered 17 named 'Mdina View Court' in Triq il-Larinġ, Attard. The said block is built on plot number 20 from the land of tal-Bajdun, Attard and including with the penthouse its relative airspace as well pro rata share from the common parts including the system of drains and drainage, free and unencumbered with all its rights and appurtenances and all the servitudes resulting from its relative position sia active and passive and One Car garage, unnamed and unnumbered, but privately numbered 5 underlying flat number 4 situated in a basement of 8 garages accessible including its share of the ramp and the common parts accessible from a common ramp, which entrance is unnumbered and abuts in Triq il- Larinġ, Attard. The said garage is the second garage on the right when entering the basement from the drive in and has a backyard with a window in it; the backyard has all the drains for the rainwater. The garage is free and unencumbered with all its rights and appurtenances. This garage is bounded by all compass points with the estate of spouses Briffa or their successors. The penthouse and garage are valued at €131,000. vi) Garage in shell form, unnumbered officially and name of 'Mariella', previously known as 'Salvu Garge, in Triq Luigi Rosato, known as Triq Wiġi Rosato and formerly known as new road in Triq San Mikiel, Bormla with all its right and appurtenances. The said garage bounded on East with the said street, valued at €21,000. Further details can be obtained from the website: The bidders taking part in the auction must present their identity card Gaetana Aquilina For the Registrar of Civil Courts and Tribunals How cancer treatment led Italian police to fugitive mafia boss In the end, cancer brought the cancer out... KURT SANSONE MATTEO Messina Denaro was a feared mafia boss, nicknamed Diabolik after an Italian fiction- al comic character who was a ruthless master thief. Having been condemned in absentia to life imprisonment for several horrendous crimes pinned to his name, Messina Denaro had been a fugitive for 30 years until last week. He was arrested by police at a private medical facility in Paler- mo where he was receiving can- cer treatment under the alias Andrea Bonafede. A thin, frail man in his 60s, gentle, dressed smartly and sporting a €30,000 watch, Messina Denaro was, however, a pale shadow of the ruthless Diabolik involved in several horrific murders in the 1990s perpetrated by Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian mafia. But the State finally caught up with him and cancer was his downfall. Strangling a pregnant woman and torturing a child In July 1992, Messina Dena- ro and others killed mafia boss Vincenzo Milazzo, who start- ed questioning the authority of Totò Riina, Cosa Nostra's boss of bosses. A few days lat- er, Messina Denaro also killed Milazzo's girlfriend, Antonel- la Bonomo, by strangling her. Bonomo was three months pregnant. In November 1993, Messi- na Denaro was involved in the kidnapping of 11-year-old Gi- useppe Di Matteo, the son of a mafia turncoat. Tortured and strangulated, the boy's corpse was dissolved in acid. But Messina Denaro was also involved in the 1992 assassina- tions of anti-mafia magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, and the 1993 bomb- ings in Florence, Rome and Mi- lan that left 10 dead and more than 100 injured. For these crimes and others, Messina Denaro was sentenced in absentia to life in prison. It was in the summer of 1993 that he went on holiday in Tus- cany and slipped under the radar. He remained a fugitive from justice for 30 years. In 1998, after the death of his father Francesco, Messina Denaro became the head of the Castelvetrano clan and repre- sented the Trapani province in- side Cosa Nostra. Power from the shadows Investigators only had ear- ly photos of the man. He used false names to get around and proxies to 'invest' in legitimate businesses where he laundered proceeds coming from drugs and other illicit activities. Some of the online gambling compa- nies he used as fronts to launder money were also based in Malta. An attempt by the Italian se- cret service to coax him out of As much as they want to nail Cosa Nostra by uncovering its inner secrets, investigators want to chip away at the network of enablers that has allowed mafia bosses to wield power even when they are on the run End of an era, but not of Cosa nostra...

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