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TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT SUNDAY • 5 FEBRUARY 2023 • ISSUE 1214 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday PAGES 8-9 How big business got its hands on a piece of paradise PAGES 14-15 COMINO STORY €1.95 Even centre-right EPP party can see pragmatic solution MT2 COMMENT Abortion: from Poland to Malta TREMOR FEELINGS MATTHEW VELLA AN Egyptian national who ben- efited from asylum in Malta has been belatedly stripped of pro- tection, after years in which he was associated with the illegal pushback of migrants at sea, and according to police intelligence seen by MaltaToday, the shad- owy world of fuel smuggling. Amer Abdelrazek – aka Am- er Barakat Zaky Abdel Razak – lost his status of subsidiary protection after losing a court case challenging the removal of his protection by the Inter- national Protection Agency (IPA). Subsidiary protection is an in- termediate form of protection for an asylum claimant, that is renewed periodically, only un- til conditions in their country of origin make it safe for them to return. PAGE 4 KURT SANSONE NON-VOTERS in MaltaTo- day's regular surveys are now ac- counting for 23.9%, an increase of 1.7 points over December, making them the second largest cohort after Labour voters. The increase follows a trend- line that has been steadily grow- ing, with just one dip, ever since the March 2022 elections. Support for the Labour Par- ty now stands at 38.7%, a two- point increase since December, as it reverses a downward trend, MaltaToday's first survey for 2023 shows. But the Nationalist Party scores 22.8%, a decrease of 1.4 points, while collective support for ADPD and other parties stands at 2.7%. The raw gap between the PL and the PN stands at 15.9 points. Without attributing vot- ing intentions to those who are unsure or who say they will not vote, this gap translates into a 56,461-vote difference. Non-voters exceed PN Migrant pushback captain loses asylum over organised crime links MaltaToday Survey Proportion of non-voters eclipses voter intention for PN 'Blood on their hands' Relatives of construction victims say industry sacrifices lives for profits PAGE 2 Workplace fatalities - top left to right: Emmanuel Grech, Elenia Briffa, Dieidy Coulibaly, Luca Curmi and Raffaele Conte Bottom left to right: Joseph Ellul, Agostina Grech, Hayrettin Kok, Amadou Sewaneh and Adrian Muscat Workplace deaths: 87 pending inquiries gives no closure to relatives Got a question about that shaking ground? PAULINE GALEA MT2

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