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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 1 MARCH 2023 NEWS ACROSS ) Deadly shark 5) Up to the task 9) Poker challenge 14) "The Good Wife" actor Cumming 15) Postal delivery 16) Freak out 17) Skimpy skirt 18) "___ la Douce" 19) Amherst sch. 20) Exceeding one's wild- est dreams 23) Harmony, to a zen master 24) "Bye Bye Bye" group 27) "Who___?" (slangy query) 28) D.C. baseball team 30) "Got it!" 32) ___ Spumante 35) Strikes out 36) New Jersey's Fort ___ 37) Stay out of public view 41) Chemical suffix 42) Hard as___ (tough) 43) Like the Sahara 44) Court divider 45) Justice Dept. employ- ee 46) Stubborn beast 48) Scarlett's guy 50) Serving dish 54) 2010 Denzel Wash- ington thriller 57) Come clean? 60) Tulsa's state (Abbr.) 61) Oil cartel 62) Elite military unit 63) Face-to-face exam 64) Sty cry 65) Oscar winner Davis 66) Indian bride's dress 67) June 6, 1944 DOWN 1) Dance originating in Cuba 2) Roswell visitor, sup- posedly 3) Kim's husband 4) Bowlful with chips 5) Surrounded by 6) Snarky comments 7) Key__ pie 8) Airline to Israel 9) "Sounds right" 10) Warm and cozy 11) Tiny battery 12) CD predecessors 13) Guitar master Paul 21) PBS funder 22) Lay to rest 25) Very bottom 26) Cook-off dish 28) In recent days 29) Skiers' paradise 31) Unceremoniously let go 32) Related (to) 33) Passover meal 34) Gear parts 35) "No dawdling!" 38) Object of loathing 39) Coffee bar order 40) Whoppers and Big Macs, e.g. 46) High-pH substance 47) ___ Paulo, Brazil 49) Hawke of Hollywood 50) Of the Arctic 51) Not so hot? 52) Justice Kagan 53) Lucy's sitcom husband 55) Hecklers' chorus 56) Cajun veggie 57) Groceries holder 58) Chowed down 59) Pigskin prop F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Cloudy with rain Visibility Good becoming moderate to poor in rain Wind East to Southeast force 5 to 6 locally force 6 becoming force 6 locally force 7 TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER PARTLY CLOUDY PARTLY CLOUDY 15 0 / 8 0 16 0 / 8 0 FEELS LIKE 15 0 FEELS LIKE 16 0 NICOLE MEILAK THE Authority for the Respon- sible Use of Cannabis (ARUC) is accepting applications from people interested in setting up a non-profit cannabis club. Anyone interested in setting up a club can apply through the authority's website, where one must provide details on the number of members that the club will accept, the registered address and name of the club, and the details of the relevant founding members, among other details. Last month, ARUC gave an overview of the application process and relevant criteria during its 'Setting the Stand- ards' conference at the MFCC in Ta' Qali on Friday morning. Non-profit clubs are being rebranded as 'Cannabis Harm Reduction Associations' and each club must have at least two founding members and a list of administrators that must have been a resident of Malta for five years. There must also be a quali- ty controller appointed in the club, as well as people respon- sible for security and distribu- tion. Licenses will be valid for one year, after which they can be renewed for a further three years. The license fee will be set at €1,000, while the appli- cation fee will vary according to membership size. Each club can have up to 500 members. Clubs will be in charge of cultivating their product from seed to sale. Clubs will be able to purchase seeds from abroad, but only from the EU market and other approved jurisdic- tions. Applications now open for non-profit cannabis clubs Prospective applicants can now apply for a licence for their 'Cannabis Harm Reduction Association'

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