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MATTHEW VELLA NURSES locked in negoti- ations with the ministry of health over a sectoral agree- ment were demanding in ex- cess of €130 million over the next five years, together with lower tax on overtime, and even the removal of capping on pensions. Sources privy to the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses and its demands spoke on con- dition of anonymity about the package of demands that deals mainly with allowances to be paid to nurses. Malta's current wage bill for nurses, according to financial estimates, is at around €165 million. This would go up by €25 million each year based on the union's 30 proposals, apart from further costs from demands for higher overtime rates, a lower 10% tax on over- time, the effect of COLA incre- ments, and other pay increases from the collective agreement. TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT SUNDAY • 12 MARCH 2023 • ISSUE 1218 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday GET READY TO WORK HARD AND HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT! Join our team of property consultants and let's make waves in the real estate world. FULL SURVEY PGS 8-9 See how Villa Rosa high-rise project will forever change St George's Bay area PAGES 10-11 By George! KURT SANSONE VOTERS have punished the La- bour Party over the Steward hos- pitals scandal as it crashes to its worst ever result, according to MaltaToday's March 2023 sur- vey. The survey shows support for the PL at 30.8%, an eight-point decline since February, and just two points ahead of the Nation- alist Party. This is the lowest re- sult ever obtained by the PL. Support for the PN now stands at 28.4%, an increase of almost six points since February. The gap between the parties now stands at 8,500 votes with- out attributing any voting inten- tion to those who are uncertain or will not vote. Significantly, the difference between the par- ties is within the margin of error, something not seen for years. Non-voters now stand at 24.8%, a one-point increase, while sup- port for ADPD stands at 2.1%, up 1.4 points. Other small par- ties registered 2.6%, an increase of 0.6 points. The survey was held between 3 and 10 March in the after- math of a court judgment that annulled the Steward hospitals contract. Mr Justice Francesco Depas- quale struck down the conces- sion agreement on 24 February, attributing fraudulent intent to Steward. Steward stuns Labour and Abela in worst polls ever PAGE 2 MaltaToday Survey Labour suffers its worst result ever in the wake of the Steward scandal Toxic Steward: support for the PL at 30.8%, an eight-point decline since February, and just two points ahead of the Nationalist Party €1.95 'Tactless' re-editings of children's classics, might be a sign of 'culture wars to come'PAGE 5 Hands off Roald Dahl? Ivan Callus On the warpath Pg 4 Conrad Borg Manché Union demands over €130m in allowances, tax and pension proposals

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