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5.12.19 12 COMMERCIAL 16.3.2023 Time for a work-out: abandoned site in Naxxar transformed into outdoor gym THE Planning Authority (PA), through its Development Planning Fund (DPF) has committed over €120,000 for an exciting project that will bring many benefits to the Naxxar community. e transfor- mation of an abandoned site into an outdoor gym will offer a safe and welcoming environment for people of all ages and abilities to engage in physical activity and lead a healthi- er lifestyle. e abandoned site, which was once an eyesore in the community, has been completely reimagined as a modern and functional outdoor gym facility that is open to every- one. e gym features state-of-the- art equipment that is designed to accommodate users of all ages and fitness levels. Additionally, the gym is fully accessible and features soft flooring, lighting, and furniture equipment to provide a comforta- ble and safe workout environment for all users. "We are excited to see this aban- doned site transformed into a ful- ly accessible outdoor gym for the community," said the Executive Chairperson of the Planning Au- thority, Oliver Magro. "is project is the result of a collaborative effort of the Naxxar Local Council who recognized the need for accessible fitness resources in the area. We believe that the new outdoor gym is a valuable resource for the com- munity, promoting physical fitness and overall wellness while also pro- viding a welcoming and attractive space for everyone to enjoy." e main source of financing for the fund comes from on-street parking fees, which is intended to reimburse the community for the lack of car parking spaces re- quired by the project. Additionally, a portion of the fund is generated through planning gains, in which developers of large-scale new de- velopments are asked to make fi- nancial contributions to compen- sate for the disruption caused in the local area. All contributions made towards the DPF are allocated to the specific locality where the de- velopment is located. For more information visit: https://

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