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TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT SUNDAY • 26 MARCH 2023 • ISSUE 1221 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday PAGE 4 Second edition of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing's Unity ALSO Architecture & Design magazine If you have not done so already, remember to turn your clock one hour forward Spring time Out with MaltaToday Malta takes on Italy tonight in a qualifier at Ta' Qali PAGE 17 Euro 2024 KURT SANSONE ROBERT Abela has weighed in on the controversy con- cerning the proposed luxury development on Comino, in- sisting it should not be big- ger than the existing hotel footprint. The Prime Minister said good sense should prevail and has urged the develop- ers to take note of the pub- lic outcry. "Good sense tells you that the sensitivity of the loca- tion dictates that the foot- print of the project should not be bigger," Abela said in a wide-ranging interview with MaltaToday. "This is the message I sent to the Planning Authority and the message I want to send the developers from here." This is the first time Abe- la has pronounced himself of the Comino develop- ment, which is being pro- posed by HV Hospitality, a subsidiary of Hili Ventures. NICOLE MEILAK EMMA Attard, 24, was raped by a Mount Carmel Hospital carer last year but police investigations are still ongoing. She recounts with MaltaToday the ordeal she went through: "I was so scared. He had already pushed a lot of boundaries, so I was scared that he can do what- ever he wants. I just froze." Emma says it is a myth that women report rape for fun. "They don't understand the guts it takes to say something like this." To this day, her assailant re- mains a free man. FULL STORY ON PAGES 6 & 7 Slow justice for girl raped by Mount Carmel carer Comino developers should stick to existing footprint - Prime Minister Robert Abela interviewed: Talks seek compromise on Gzira fuel station controversy • Admits abortion amendment should have been put to consultation • Only saw Steward €100m side agreement after it was signed Prime Minister Robert Abela James Debono MaltaToday DESPITE increased awareness on global warming and emis- sions, younger people and stu- dents seem to be more attached to their cars than older people, a survey on the effect of traffic on wellbeing undertaken by pollster Vincent Marmara and commis- sioned by the Faculty for Social Wellbeing at the University of Malta, suggests. This may show that for young people the car remains a pow- e r f u l s y m b o l of inde- pendence a n d s e l f - a c - t u a l i s - ation, despite its negative social and ecological impact, and a prevailing perception echoed in other questions in the survey that traffic is having a negative impact on well-being and men- tal health. One of the questions asked to respondents in this survey was whether they agreed with the statement: "I would pre- fer to not use my car if public transport was more reliable". The question is particularly in- teresting as it measures public willingness for a nodal shift if public transport becomes more reliable. The most likely to agree with the statement were respond- ents aged over 70, while the least likely to agree were re- spondents aged between 18 to 29. While among the former the average level of agreement was 5 out of a maximum 7, among the latter the average level of agreement was 3.7. In the survey, 1 represented the least level of agreement while 7 represented full agreement. Unity PRINTED WITH MALTATODAY 26 MARCH 2023 EDITION 2 A SPECIAL EDITION FROM THE FACULTY FOR SOCIAL WELLBEING UNIVERSITY OF MALTA PAGES 20-21 Survey suggests that a third of respondents would still use their car less even if public transport is more reliable YOUNG LEAST LIKELY to DITCH CAR FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT Inside... Matt Paris: My life with psychosis... "I have four negative hallucinations which I experience on a day-to-day basis. At times they are all around, especially on bad days, three persons and a talking dog" INTERVIEW PAGES 14-15 For & Against Euthanasia OUR EXPERTS DEBATE PAGES 4-5 €1.95

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