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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 10 MAY 2023 NEWS ACROSS 1) Diner seating area 6) Freudian topics 10) Wet blanket? 14) Lapis lazuli color 15) Church area 16) Brightly colored parrot 17) Ice cream shop stock 18) Fertile Crescent nation 19) Wilson of "Wedding Crashers" 20) Very rarely 23) Born, in bios 24) With 48-Across, Altoids alternative 25) Lab assistant of film 26) Wrestler's surface 27) Lemony taste 29) Mythical flier 32) Assailed 35) Poor, as excuses go 36) Like some conse- quences 37) Zwieback, e.g. 40) Olden times 41) Sign for a fortune-teller 42) Airline seat selection 43) Classic Jaguar model 44) Colorful equine 45) Econ. yardstick 46) As follows 48) See 24-Across 49) Was in session 52) 1978 Commodores hit 57) Loaf end 58) Leprechaun land 59) Hoops two-pointer 60) Russian range 61) Capital on the Tiber 62) Strong thread 63) Dummy 64) Fit of pique 65) McGregor, Connery et al, by birth DOWN 1) A breadwinner brings it home 2) Bluish 45-Down 3) Scale unit 4) Walnut, but not peanut 5) Pause 6) Computer of the '40s 7) Attire 8) Track shape 9) Glittery, as a gown 10) Replay effect, briefly 11) "Sure thing!" 12) Lunch box treat since 1912 13) Pitcher Early in Coop- erstown 21) Tiny criticism 22) Omelet need 26) Medieval war club 27) No longer available 28) Revival shout 30) Like the Sabin vaccine 31) Hand over 32) River of Hades 33) Furry "Star Wars" critter 34) Its depth is measured in auto inspections 35) Dalai ___ 36) Plumbing problem 38) Fan club members 39) Booed decisions in sports 44) Feel regret for 45) One state of matter 47) Chat-starting word 48) Basic principle 49) Final authority 50) Of legal age 51) Pounds the keys 52) Sound of heavy impact 53) Medal awardee 54) Links choice 55) Classic Chevalier song 56) Not of the cloth F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Fine Visibility Good Wind Northwest force 3 veering Southeast and becoming force 3 to 4 overnight. Sea Slight TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER PARTLY CLOUDY PARTLY CLOUDY 27 0 / 16 0 21 0 / 14 0 FEELS LIKE 21 0 FEELS LIKE 21 0 Listed Marsaxlokk buildings targeted for hotel JAMES DEBONO A partly-listed Marsaxlokk building just 30m off the par- ish church and inside the urban conservation area, is being ear- marked for a 40-room hotel. No major changes are en- visaged for the 19th century façades of the building, except for an added set-back floor. But three private pools, a larg- er common pool, dining areas, and some rooms will protrude into the property's back gar- den. The three townhouses are still listed as examples of 19th cen- tury vernacular architecture that contribute to the char- acter of the streetscape of the road leading up to Marsaxlokk church. Protected since 1995, such Grade 2 buildings cannot be demolished but internal al- terations and sensitive addi- tions can be allowed if deemed compatible with the existing fabric of the building. Landowner Vincent Curmi had requested a permit 20 years ago to demolish "small parts" of the complex, retaining most of the façade to accommodate 11 new dwellings, all extending into the backyard. The request was squarely re- jected in 2011 due to the take- up of the yard, deemed a green lung for the Marsaxlokk UCA. But the decision was then partly revoked by the Envi- ronment and Planning Review Tribunal in 2014, because the refusal was issued before a de- cision on Curmi's request to de-list the protection of the houses – that decision had been pending since 2005. A year later, the government removed a neighbouring build- ing, also belonging to Cur- mi, from the list of protected buildings which cannot be de- molished because of its dilapi- dated state. The scheduling was however retained for the adjacent four buildings. No further attempt was made to develop the site until Curmi presented the lat- est hotel application. 19th-century homes in UCA earmarked for 40-room hotel

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