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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 17 MAY 2023 NEWS ACROSS 1) 6-Down et al. 6) Revolutionary War battle site 11) Capture, slangily 14) In the air 15) Big shows 16) Novelist Levin 17) Stemwinder 19) Boxcar unit 20) Signs up 21) Golf bag attachment 23) Bearded bloomer 25) States with conviction 26) Place a value on 30) "Honest!" 33) Henhouse feature 34) Kick out 35) Avocado center 38) O.K. Corral name 39) Largish combo 40) Sushi go-with 41) Primatologist's study 42) Did a smith's work 43) Superman, on Krypton 44) Pre-liftoff words 46) Fished with a hook 47) One of the Barrymores 49) Sub commander of fiction 51) Laurel and Hardy toppers 54) Deductions from judg- ments, in law 59) __ Tome 60) 57th, to Broadway 62) Bullpen stat 63) Campaign concern 64) Caught congers 65) WWII vessel 66) Bite-sized baked goods 67) Nitwits DOWN 1) Bank feature 2) Lena of "Hollywood Hom- icide" 3) Active sort 4) Hairstyle for Daveed Diggs 5) Salon worker 6) Old "Hits the spot" sloga- neer 7) Firehouse tool 8) Part of Ali Baba's com- mand 9) "Livin' La Vida ___" 10) "Moby-Dick" narrator 11) Hard thing to swallow 12) Like a stadium crowd, at times 13) Jets and Sharks 18) Some cameras, briefly 22) Mendes of "Stuck on You" 24) A perfect square 26) Circle statistic 27) Hotel freebie 28) Strep consequence 29) Unexplained skill 31) Hightailed it 32) Prohibitionist's foe 34) Keynes subj. 36) "So that's it!" 37) Let the cat out of the bag 39) "What have we here?" 40) GQ or 0, for short 42) Drum up 43) Tied up 45) Fly trap 46) Home of Iowa State 47) Son of Henry Ford 48) Signs of sorrow 50) Tricky curves 52) Aunt with a "Cope Book" 53) Go paragliding 55) "Biscuit" introduced in 1912 56) Hit bottom 57) Tootsies 58) Norm (Abbr.) 61) Bilko's rank (Abbr.) F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly cloudy, locally rather cloudy with isolated showers to Northeast of area at first, becoming fine Visibility Good except in any showers Wind Westerly force 4 or 5 at first becoming West Northwest force 5 or 6 TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER MAINLY CLOUDY 22 0 / 17 0 TODAY WINDY 22 0 / 15 0 FEELS LIKE 22 0 FEELS LIKE 22 0 KARL AZZOPARDI TOURISM Minister Clayton Bar- tolo told parliament on Monday sunbeds and umbrellas on Comino will be reduced by 65% this summer. Replying to a parliamentary question by Labour MP Cressida Galea, the minister said govern- ment wants to give back the space to the public. "We did not simply shrink the encroachment areas; we also moved them so that the Blue La- goon is cleared and is open and available to the public," Bartolo told parliament. The situation on the island of Comino was put under the spot- light last year when NGO Movi- ment Graffitti launched a direct action to protest the private con- cessions blocking access to the public coastline. Deckchairs and umbrellas have hogged Comino's Blue Lagoon throughout many a summer. A pe- tition in 2021 asked MPs for "the removal of sun beds and deck- chairs from Comino", gathering over 600 signatures. The deckchairs were placed on every inch of the shoreline - jet- ty, beaches and rocks - before the first tourist boats arrive, by private vendors who treat the Blue Lagoon as their own personal beach lido. The tourism minister said a new shift of beach cleaners and anoth- er garbage collection trip will also be introduced on Comino. Boats will now carry garbage three times daily. He said the managing the waste situation on Comino is very chal- lenging due to the high volumes of people who visit the island and its lack of accessibility. But, the min- ister said, government will be de- ploying officials from a number of government entities to supervise. Deckchairs on Comino will be reduced by 65% this summer Sunbeds and umbrellas on Comino will be reduced by 65% this summer

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