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TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT SUNDAY • 21 MAY 2023 • ISSUE 1229 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY GasanZammit Motors Ltd., Triq il-Merghat, Zone 1, Central Business District, Birkirkara CBD 1020 Tel: 27788225 email: | The Volvo XC60 PAGES 12 & 13 Be sure to get your copy of the GSSE Malta 2023 magazine Out with MaltaToday Explore the conversation in Malta on youths, sex, and pretty much us, the viewers PAGES 14 & 15 Love Island Not just the environment KARL AZZOPARDI & KURT SANSONE JOSEPH Muscat's name did not crop up during Labour's parliamentary group meeting last week de- spite revelations on the hospitals deal that recast the former leader in a bad light. Muscat remains "the el- ephant in the room", ac- cording to one minister. The only discussion linked to the latest bout of political upheaval was limited to how the gov- ernment should react to what was described as the Opposition's attempts to "dest- abilise the country with protests", another minis- ter told MaltaToday. Both ministers chose to re- main anonymous to be able to speak liberally about internal matters. Several other MPs also spoke to to MaltaToday on con- dition of anonymity. A journalistic investigation last week revealed how Mus- cat had received payments for consultancy work from a Swiss firm that was pre- viously called VGH Europe. The Muscat problem: Labour ignoring 'the elephant in the room' maltatoday Labour ministers feel any decision to severe ties with Joseph Muscat is premature if done before hospitals inquiry is over JAMES DEBONO ROBERT Abela and the Labour Party regis- tered gains in the latest MaltaToday survey partly held in a tumultuous week domi- nated by damning revelations on the hospitals concession. The PL polled 33.1%, an in- crease of 2.3 points since March, while the Nationalist Party reg- istered 28.7%, an uptick of 0.3 points. The PL widened its lead over the PN from 2.4 points in March to 4.4 points now, translating in- to a gap of around 15,624 votes. But despite Labour's small gain over its worst ever poll result in March, the gap be- tween the two parties remains substantially less than it was in the last general election. The Prime Minister's trust rating now stands at 37.1%, an increase of 2.8 points since his worst result in March. Opposi- tion leader Bernard Grech has a trust rating of 25.5%, a slight dip of 0.6 points. The survey was held between Wednesday 10 May and Friday 19 May. Labour and Abela hold on despite hospitals deal fiasco PAGE 4 mt survey The Labour Party has widened its lead over the Nationalist Party to 4.4 points from 2.2 points in March 29 th MAY ~ 3 rd JUNE GAMES OF THE SMALL STATES OF EUROPE GSSE MALTA 2023 Advert 27x21 generic.indd 1 GSSE MALTA 2023 Advert 27x21 generic.indd 1 08/05/2023 16:30 08/05/2023 16:30 Small Nations Cover philippa.indd 1 Small Nations Cover philippa.indd 1 16/05/2023 13:33 16/05/2023 13:33 €1.95 Andre Callus on Moviment Graffitti's upcoming protest INTERVIEW MT2 PAGES 8 & 9 See also: Pages 2 and 3 • Editorial MT2

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