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2 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 4 JUNE 2023 NEWS Thank you... for having bought this newspaper The good news is that we're not raising the price of our newspaper We know times are still hard, but we have pledged to keep giving our readers quality news they deserve, without making you pay more for it. So thank you, for making it your MaltaToday Support your favourite newspaper with a special offer on online PDF subscriptions. Visit or scan the QR code Subscriptions can be done online on Same-day delivery at €1 for orders up to 5 newspapers per address. Subscribe from €1.15 a week Same-day print delivery from Miller Distributors mt No Pembroke tunnel, for a grade separated CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Speaking to MaltaToday, Falzon said the new plans were drawn up after consultation with local councils. The controversial tunnel which was opposed by resi- dents and the Pembroke coun- cil would have passed right un- der a Natura 2000 site opposite residential houses along Triq il-Mediterran in Pembroke. The tunnel was originally pro- posed to address the increase in traffic resulting from the DB and Villa Rosa projects in St George's Bay and was later integrated in a planning appli- cation submitted by Infrastruc- ture Malta in 2019. The planning application also foresaw a 500m one-lane tun- nel linking the northbound car- riageway of Regional Road to the Paceville traffic lights junc- tion and a 115m underground connection linking Church Street next to the Millenium Chapel area with Spinola Bay. Instead, IM is opting for a dif- ferent approach focused on the creation of two hairpin turns one near the Luxol Ground and another near the Red Cross building at the intersection be- tween Triq Walter Ganado and Triq Sant Andrija. The network upgrade also foresees the widening of a sec- tion of Triq Sant Andrija lead- ing to Triq Villa Rosa by six metres on the side of the valley and the creation of a new road linking Triq il-Gwienaq to Triq Sant Andrija aimed at facilitat- ing the flow of traffic within Swieqi. But details are still scant on a major overhaul of the junction at the Paceville traffic lights in front of the ecabs head office with Ivan Falzon confirming that plans for a grade separated junction in this area linked to Swieqi, are in the pipeline. MaltaToday was given an overview of the plans in re- ply to questions related to the publication of a newspaper advert by Infrastructure Malta informing landowners of its in- tent to seek approval from the Planning Authority to carry out civil works at Trig Sant' Andri- ja, Trig Il-Professur W. Gana- do, Trig Villa Rosa and new street in Trig it-Tiben, Swieqi, in conjunction with the pro- posed network upgrading. Hairpin turns to facilitate traf- fic flows Falzon explained that the ma- jor shortcoming of the present network is "the uncoordinated crossings" which create bottle- necks and substantial delays on this corridor. The existing network consists of a restricted dual carriageway with no central reserve and two traffic light junctions, a pri- ority T-Junction and a pelican light crossing. According to Falzon the in- troduction of the two 'hair- pin' turns, one near the Luxol Ground and another near the Red Cross building will facili- tate traffic to cross over with- out stopping the opposing traf- fic flow. Moreover, for safety reasons and to avoid head-on colli- sions, a physical central reserve in the hairpin turn near Luxol is being extended. The pedestrian pelican cross- ing will also be relocated to an area between the two hairpin turns and will be divided into phases, aimed at improving traf- 'Hairpin' turns are planned for near the Luxol Ground and near the Red Cross building to facilitate traffic crossing over without stopping the opposing traffic flow

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