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TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT SUNDAY • 23 JULY 2023 • ISSUE 1238 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY GasanZammit Motors Ltd., Triq il-Merghat, Zone 1, Central Business District, Birkirkara CBD 1020 Tel: 27788225 email: | The Volvo XC60 Libyan militia boat operating in Malta's SAR zone PAGES 10 - 11 On sanctioning irregulaties, government is ignoring ERA PAGES 8 - 9 Robert Abela, his thesis and judicial interference PAGE 4 Pullbacks FOI request Ironic Climate change maltatoday PAGE 7 Prof Simone Borg on the need to change the way we live INTERVIEW MT2 PN ahead for first PN ahead for first time in 15 years time in 15 years JAMES DEBONO THE Nationalist Party has overtaken the La- bour Party for the first time since 2008, a Malt- aToday survey conducted over the past tumul- tuous two weeks shows. Support for the PN stands at 30.2% while the PL scores 29.6%, its worst result ever. The PN advantage is less than a percentage point, a result which falls squarely within the margin of error of the survey but which repre- sents a sharp reversal of fortunes from Febru- ary when the PL led by 16 points. The PN had never overtaken Labour in any MaltaToday survey held since the 2008 gener- al election. But while the survey confirms La- bour's downward trend established in two pre- vious surveys in March and May, Abela retains a comfortable 12-point lead over Grech in the trust barometer. Abela has a trust rating of 39.2% against Grech's 26.8%. However, 33.3% trust no one. Grech's failure to catch up with Abela can be partly explained by the fact that 18.1% of current PN voters do not trust either political leader. The survey was held between Monday 10 July 2023 and Thursday 20 July 2023. The pe- riod coincided with a tempestuous two weeks which saw Labour MPs voting against a pub- lic inquiry on the death of Jean Paul Sofia, followed by public backlash and a U-turn by Abela on Monday minutes before thousands of people converged on Castille for a vigil in support of Sofia's family. FULL RESULTS PAGES 13 - 15 Labour support crashes amidst backlash Labour support crashes amidst backlash against government stance on the Jean Paul against government stance on the Jean Paul Sofia case but Robert Abela is trusted much Sofia case but Robert Abela is trusted much more than Bernard Grech more than Bernard Grech €1.95 MARIANNA CALLEJA FIVE individuals have been ar- rested in connection with the tragic death of Jean Paul Sofia, police confirmed on Saturday. Sofia was killed in a construc- tion site accident last Decem- ber, after a three-storey build- ing he was working at collapsed during construction works. Five men - three Albanian, a Maltese and a Bosnian were rescued by members of the Civil Protection Department. Among those detained are property developers Kurt Bu- hagiar and Matthew Schembri, architect Adriana Zammit, and contractor Miromir Milosovic. They are set to face arraign- ment later today. The arrests took place late on Friday night, shortly after the police received a copy of the magisterial inquiry conclusion. Five arrested over Jean Paul Sofia death

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