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EQUALITY FROM THE HEART WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT SUNDAY • 5 NOVEMBER 2023 • ISSUE 1253 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY Videos of young people fighting each other in the streets of the capital flare up on social media PAGE 5 Underground car park in Sliema back on the cards PAGE 6 Maltese football looking to its ladies to make history PAGE 13 Gangs of Valletta Trailblazers Ferries Malta's GDP MATTHEW VELLA MALTA'S finance minister, Clyde Caruana, has had no qualms this week in standing by his description of cer- tain Maltese oligopolies – the domi- nance of particular industries by ma- jor, long-standing players – as cartels. maltatoday PAGE 2 BUDGET 2024: ANALYSIS, CURIOSITIES AND EXPLAINERS PAGES 15 - 23 'Cartel' dig irks importers worried about inflation headache A budget that targets disgruntled Labour voters • A MaltaToday survey conducted last month revealed that the cost of living is the primary concern for non-voters, especially among those aged 36 to 55, a demographic that includes struggling families with children. Will the Labour Party be able to win back these voters by keeping them af loat in turbulent times? Analysis by JAMES DEBONO. • Cuts for breakfast club and afterschool services by Kurt Sansone • Energy and fuel subsidies: Can they last forever? Analysis by Nicole Meilak • Clyde Caruana interviewed by Matthew Vella Economist JP Fabri says it's time to shift from today's domestic demand to export growth INTERVIEW MT2 €1.95 Prime Minister Robert Abela (centre), addressing the press after the Budget speech, flanked by Deputy PM Chris Fearne (left) and Finance Minister Clyde Caruana

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