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2 NEWS 30.11.2023 CLAIRVOYANT Mr TOURE a Marabout clairvoyant medium healer and Exorcist with an exceptional gift. Specialising in disenchantment, voodoo protection against dangers, couple problems return of a loved one, impotence and sexual issues whatever the nature. Court cases. Tel: +35677484511 ANDRÉ Pizzuto, President of the Kamra tal-Periti, was elected to the Executive Board of the Architects' Council Europe (ACE) at a General Assembly held in Brussels. The Architects' Council of Europe (ACE) is the rep- resentative organisation for the architectural profession at European level. It consists of 51 Member Organisations, which are the regulatory and profes- sional representative bodies in all European Union (EU) Member States, Accession Countries, the UK, Switzer- land and Norway, and 5 Ob- servers Members – Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Montene- gro, RH of Macedonia). Through them, the ACE represents the interests of over half a million architects from 35 countries in Europe. ACE is currently engaged in negotiations with its Brit- ish and Canadian counter- parts on the mutual recogni- tion of architects as part of the wider free-trade agree- ment between the EU and UK, and EU and Canada. It is also strongly engaged in negotiations with the Eu- ropean Commission on vari- ous EU directives, including the Energy Performance in Buildings, Services (Internal Market), Public Procure- ment, Proportionality Test, and Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directives. ACE is also a leading part- ner of the Commission on the development and imple- mentation of the New Euro- pean Bauhaus programme, which seeks to elevate the quality of the built envi- ronment across the EU to achieve higher sustainability outcomes. Andre Pizzuto elected to the executive board of the Architects' Council Of Europe Premier Capital plc opens 100th McDonald's in Romania André Pizzuto PREMIER Capital plc has inaugurated its 100th McDonald's restaurant in Romania, the largest of the company's six licensed markets, which also include Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta. The first McDonald's restaurant in Romania was opened in 1995 and the brand is now a familiar landmark in more than 30 cities and towns across the country, with a team of over 5,400 people. "The opening of the 100th restaurant in Ro- mania is a significant chapter in our history in the Romanian market. The new McDonald's restaurant represents our commitment to con- tinue expanding our footprint with modern restaurants, offering memorable experiences to customers and employment opportunities to the communities in which we operate," said Melo Hili, Chairman of Premier Capital plc. The €1.5m investment incorporated new sus- tainability efforts, including photovoltaic pan- els to generate energy for its own consump- tion, smart waste management and electric vehicle charging stations. This addition takes the total number of res- taurants operated by the group to 182. The new restaurant in Drobeta-Turnu Severin is the 10th opening this year, with three more lo- cations earmarked for completion before year end. Premier Capital's 100th McDonald's in Romania is in Drobeta-Turnu Severin PTL Limited, a provider of IT solutions, has re- vealed a strategic alliance with Acumant, a global digital solutions and services company. is collab- oration marks a significant step forward, with a pri- mary focus on delivering comprehensive business management solutions through Microsoft Dynam- ics 365 Business Central. Within the framework of this partnership, PTL and Acumant will collaborate to enhance their col- lective expertise and capabilities in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for di- verse clients spanning various industries. In the realm of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation, both PTL and Acumant have distinguished themselves with a proven track record, showcasing successful deployments for cli- ents in different sectors, both at a local level as well as international. Both companies bring extensive technical proficiency to the partnership, demon- strating expertise in crucial areas. is collaboration demonstrates notable prowess in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Con- figuration, evident through their ability to custom- ize the software to meet specific business require- ments. is involves adeptly configuring modules, customizing workflows, and managing user per- missions. Both teams excel in integration capabilities, seam- lessly connecting Business Central with other Mi- crosoft solutions such as Office 365, Power BI, and Microsoft Azure, as well as third-party applications. is ensures a smooth flow of data and establishes a unified technological environment. During this partnership, the organisations will work togeth- er to create custom extensions, applications, and functionalities within Business Central, employing languages like AL (Application Language) and C/ AL amongst others. is customisation ensures the solution meets unique business needs. In response to the partnership, Nagendra Siddoutam, Managing Partner at Acumant, com- mented, "We have established valuable partner- ships with esteemed organizations like Microsoft and Synerleap, leveraging these connections to build enduring relationships with our clients. ese partnerships enable us to remain at the forefront of innovation and provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers." Pierre Attard, Managing Director at PTL, added, "We have achieved remarkable success in support- ing our partners and clients with top-tier ERP and IT solutions. Consequently, we are thrilled to an- nounce our international expansion in collabora- tion with Acumant." PTL and Acumant look forward to deliver tan- gible business outcomes and drive positive results through the implementation and support of Micro- soft Dynamics 365 Business Central. PTL and Acumant partner to provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central services

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