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€1.50 THURSDAY 14 MARCH 2024 • ISSUE 248 WWW.BUSINESSTODAY.COM.MT Sanctions expert: 'Malta is guilty until it proves itself innocent' Malta second- easiest country for expats to move to - study NICOLE MEILAK ON the international stage, Malta is guilty until it proves itself inno- cent. But Tom Keatinge, Director of the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at RUSI, says fellow Member States can learn a thing or two from Malta on its sanctions policies. Keatinge, who was in Malta for workshops on sanctions, said he was impressed by the coordina- tion and community in Malta on sanctions, which is a far cry to the impression many abroad have of Malta's sanctions approach. PAGE 3 PAUL COCKS MALTA has ranked second in new research that revealed the easiest countries to move to for expats. e research, conducted by William Russell, looked at a number of countries and analysed fac- tors such as expat population, visa data, required vaccines and language requirements to determine the easiest countries to emigrate to. PAGE 5 STAR PERFORMER MSE FTSE 100 EUR EXCHANG RATES Trading Date: 13 March 2024 Number of Trades: 108 Turnover: €3,161,035.33 MSE TRX Index: 8096.176 Change: -1.081% Name: 3.5% AXR 2032 MT0002571215 - Currency € Last Traded: 13 March 2024 Price 95.500 Change +5.500 US Dollar 1.0522 British Pound: 0.86477 Japanese Yen: 144.59 Australian Dollar: 1.5451 Swiss Franc: 0.98700 7,613.67 78.12 7,613.39 / 7,312.00 Value Net variation High / Low +0.86% Percentage change of Trade in Goods - over the corresponding month of the previous year The print edition of BUSINESS TODAY will be taking a sabbatical. In the meantime, we will be focusing our efforts on improving our offering on our online platform mt and ensuring we remain your go-to choice for anything business related. Tom Keatinge BusinessToday speaks with Tom Keatinge from the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies on sanctions, and the lessons European Union Member States can learn from Malta During January 2024, provisional figures for registered trade in goods in Malta are showing a deficit of €277.4 million as opposed to a deficit of €272.3 million in the corresponding month of 2023

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