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YOUR FIRST READ AND FIRST CLICK OF THE DAY WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT Newspaper post maltatoday SUNDAY • 16 MARCH 2014 • ISSUE 749 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY €1.20 Download the MaltaToday App now INDULGE MAGAZINE FREE INSIDE INTERVIEWED - PGS 12-13 IN an extensive interview with Sav- iour Balzan, Prime Minister Muscat stood his ground in the face of ques- tioning about his handling of the smart meter scandal, the introduc- tion of the citizenship scheme and his meritocracy record. On meritocracy he said: "I look at a person's capabili- ties and whether a person believes in the direction we want to steer this country towards." The prime minister said that he saw a bridge or a tunnel from Malta to Gozo as a must. He also said that an aerodrome would be built in Gozo, but he suggested that it would not necessarily be a tarmac airstrip. He stood by the Commissioner of Police Pietru Pawl Zammit, saying that Simon Busuttil was out of synch with public sentiment on this count. He admitted that being trustworthy was not dependent on political affili- ation. Quizzed about the low salaries for Cabinet ministers, he said that he did not enter politics to make money. He defended his government's po- sition on the environment, arguing that his administration was willing to take decisions, not sleep on them. The prime minister also said that his wife, Michelle Muscat, took her political role very seriously. "Michelle meets people and NGOs… is very empathetic and very passion- ate about her work. We do not model ourselves on others, we do not mimic anyone. This is how we are. We often say what we think and criticism does not bother us, as long as it is not per- sonal or aimed at our children with cruel intent. We will always strive to improve what we do." And for the very first time, Malta- Today readers were invited to send in their questions to the prime min- ister. Readers quizzed the PM on a vari- ety of topics: from the colour of his neck-ties, to whether he still finds time to visit the gym. PM says that a bridge or a tunnel is a must for Gozo Muscat in 18 point lead, Sant and Metsola front-runners THE first MaltaToday survey on voting intentions shows Labour leading the PN by 7 points, down from 12 points in the last general election of 2013. But with no significant shifts between the two main parties, the narrowed gap between PL and PN can be solely attribut- ed to a segment of Labour vot- ers who do not intend to vote in next May's elections for the European Parliament. In fact the survey shows that 11% of PL voters do not intend to vote, while only 3% of PN voters intend to do likewise. Moreover the survey shows that Muscat enjoys an im- pressive 18-point lead (up one point from December) over PN leader Simon Busuttil in the trust barometer. Muscat also retains the same level of ap- proval (48%), which he enjoyed in last December's survey. The survey also reveals the four front-runners for the next MEP elections, namely new- comers Alfred Sant and Miri- am Dalli on Labour's side and the PN's two incumbent MEPs Roberta Metsola and David Casa. The other two seats are up for grabs with no candidate establishing any significant lead over the others so far. The survey suggests that former Labour leader Alfred Sant will get the largest share of votes. letters of credit ship nance payments forfaiting factoring 2132 2100 FIMBank is an international trade nance specialist with an established reputation as a dynamic and customer-driven provider of trade nance solutions. FIMBank is headquartered in Malta and benets from a growing network of international oces. documentary collections bonds and guarantees treasury management structured trade nance commodity trade nance letters of credit ship nance payments forfaiting factoring Trade Finance Solutions engineered for business success mt survey PAGES 17,18,19 Alfred Sant Roberta Metsola Miriam Dalli David Casa Francis Zammit Dimech Marlene Mizzi Cyrus Engerer Arnold Cassola Therese Comodini Cachia Others Which candidate will receive your first preference in next May's election for MEPs? Alfred Sant 11.5 Roberta Metsola 6.5 Miriam Dalli 6 David Casa 5 Francis Zammit Dimech 2 Marlene Mizzi 1.3 Cyrus Engerer 1.3 Arnold Cassola 1.3 Therese Comodini Cachia 1 Others 1.8 Simon Busuttil and Joseph Muscat Who do you trust most? mt survey Joseph Muscat Simon Busuttil None Don't Know Jun 2013 Jul 2013 Oct 2013 Dec 2013 Mar 2013 Issue No.8 Spring 2014 €4 - where sold the quarterly, quality, life & style magazine CRAFTS CULTURE TRAVEL FOOD HOBBIES ART MUCH MORE WINE SPORT STYLE GADGETS Issue No.8 Spring 2014 €4 - where sold the quarterly, quality, life & style magazine CRAFTS CULTURE TRAVEL FOOD HOBBIES ART MUCH MORE WINE SPORT STYLE GADGETS MUSCAT ON HIS WIFE MICHELLE: "We do not model ourselves on others, we do not mimic anyone. This is how we are" Joseph Muscat talks about the role of Michelle Muscat SEE FULL INTERVIEW PGS 12-15 READERS' QUESTIONS TO JOSEPH MUSCAT PG 20 Video extracts of the interview can be viewed on and Reporter on Monday at 6.55pm

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