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NGOs Commissioner 'encouraged' reform of Community Chest Fund, which collects over €3 million in charitable donations every year Newspaper post WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT WEDNESDAY EDITION WEDNESDAY • 17 SEPTEMBER 2014 • ISSUE 382 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY €0.90 Editorial - PAGE 9 BFA makes first appearance since diagnosis Community Chest Fund reform to tackle lack of transparency JOHN PISANI POLICE officers have ar- rested a young man believed to have shot down one of the white storks that were resting in Malta before they continue with their migratory route. One of the magnificent birds was shot dead earlier this afternoon in a field be- hind the Edible Oil Company in Marsa. Two off duty police inspectors and an off duty police constable, who were nearby, heard the shots being fired and saw one of the birds going down. The three officers ran to- wards the field and chased a young man who, upon seeing them, fled. The man, from St Julian's, was arrested and handed over to the ALE po- lice officers, alerted by the off duty officers. The bird and the gun used by the man who allegedly shot the stork were also handed over to the ALE. CONTINUES ON PAGE 3 MIRIAM DALLI THE deputy leader of the Nation- alist Party Beppe Fenech Adami is looking forward to the day when he recovers from the cancer he is bat- tling and redirect all his energy to- wards the party once again. In his first public appearance since he was diagnosed with cancer seven weeks ago, Fenech Adami was welcomed to a standing ovation by the audience gathered at the Flori- ana Granaries and a friendly hug by his leader Simon Busuttil. "The last thing I expected was to talk about myself this evening," Fenech Adami said, at a party event yesterday, organised to mark Malta's 50th Independence Day anniversary on Sunday. Somewhat camera shy, he recalled how at the beginning of the year he was planning this week's Independ- ence festivities. Having been diagnosed with a 15cm malignant tumour on his back, Fenech Adami returned to Malta two weeks ago after undergo- ing a series of treatments in the UK. He will soon return, hoping that the treatment will be effective. "I hope to regain my health," he said, while thanking his wife, the family and the general public for their support and prayers shown throughout. "The support and prayers make such a difference to help you get through it all. I have met so many people in similar situations, that I today question 'why not me?' There are so many anonymous persons go- ing through much worse, that you no longer ask 'why me?'" Fenech Adami said the solidarity shown to him has helped him fight his battle with humility, even though facing it with the understanding that the road was going to be a lengthy one but determined to make it. "I will fight it and I promise you that I will get better and my energy will once again be focused on the party," he said. Marking the 50th anniversary of Independence Day Simon Busuttil, Beppe Fenech Adami and recorded interviews with former Nationalist Prime Ministers Eddie Fenech Adami and Lawrence Gonzi were a few of the interven- tions packed in an hour-long session remembering how Malta changed since it gained its independence. All speakers noted how Malta, un- like other former British colonies, had turned its independence into a success story, enjoying economic growth, strengthening education and seeing a strong social and cul- tural development. "The quality leap in education, the investment in the environment and being able to decide for our own fu- ture and seeing Malta joining the European Union would have not been possible without our Independ- ence," Gonzi said. Echoing Gonzi's comments, Fenech Adami said Independence meant that Malta could now choose on its own what it wanted for its fu- ture. Looking ahead, Fenech Adami urged the Maltese to stay true to their values. Busuttil said the PN had a lot to celebrate because of the party's own work for the island to gain its inde- pendence status. "We are where we are today be- cause of Independence and thanks to George Borg Olivier who brought us here," Busuttil said, adding that the PN will remain to be a motor of change. Hunter targets White Storks, one killed Nationalist deputy leader says cancer battle continues, expresses empathy for sufferers MIRIAM DALLI THE Malta Community Chest Fund is set to become a foundation, allowing the entity to contribute to research in different illnesses. Plans for the reform were announced while the President of the Republic, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, was meeting medical con- sultants in London who work with Maltese patients. PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca fl anked by High Commissioner to the UK Norman Hamilton Photo: DOI - Clifton Fenech

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