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MIRIAM DALLI A series of public deeds on the transfer of public lands to Enemalta is the new bone of contention between the Labour government and the Nation- alist Opposition, with the PN accusing the gov- ernment of having failed to publicise the signing of agreements on the transfer of public land. The PN yesterday released a series of public deeds – registered with the government notary in August 2014 – on the transfer of public lands belonging to the former Enemalta corporation, which was incorporated as a public limited com- pany (plc) owing to a 33% shareholding acquisi- tion by Shanghai Electric Power. The PN yesterday claimed that the agreements stayed 'unpublished' because of the govern- ment's insistence not to present the contracts in parliament. The Opposition's protestations come late in the day, since the legal notices incorporating En- emalta into a plc and also exempting the com- pany from government rules on the transfer of its lands, were passed in the House of Representa- tives with little opposition from the Nationalist bench. Details of three of the 11 agreements were al- ready obtained by MaltaToday last week and published on Sunday, revealing that Enemalta plc will be leasing 310,000 square metres of roof space for solar panels at 50c per square metre. Energy minister Konrad Mizzi yesterday insist- ed that the deeds referred to by the Opposition were "public deeds which have been available to the general public ever since." The agreements are of particular note because they were hammered out days before the govern- ment incorporated Enemalta as a public limited company, that set the scene for the eventual 33% acquisition by SEP. The list of agreements include the site of the Marsa power station acquired by the Lands De- partment from special purpose vehicle Vault Finance; the grant of 310,000 square metres of public land for the installation of PV panels to Enemalta plc; three contracts for the lease of land in Marsa, Marsaxlokk and Ghaxaq for a to- tal of 190 years altogether; the sale of land at Has Saptan, Ghaxaq and the Marsaxlokk terminal from Petromed Company to Enemed Company; and the lease agreement between Enemalta and subsidiary D3 Power Generation Limited, and the rental contract to ElectroGas for the con- struction of an LNG power plant. PN 'publishes' public deeds on land transfers to suggest Enemalta 33% shareholder Shanghai Electric Power was offered enriched asset base • Minister says PN caught napping in parliamentary debate on Enemalta plc WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT WEDNESDAY EDITION WEDNESDAY • 8 April 2015 • issue 410 • published every wednesdAy And sundAy €1.00 Marsa land leased for 99 years to Enemalta plc EDITORIAL PAGE 10 *THE MOST RECENT DISTRIBUTION AS A PERCENTAGE OF THE NAV EXPRESSED ON AN ANNUALISED BASIS. **PERFORMANCE FROM 1ST SEPTEMBER 2011 TO 25TH MARCH 2015 AS A PERCENTAGE OF THE NAV USING THE VALUE ADDED MONTHLY INDEX PRINCIPLE (SOURCE: CALAMATTA CUSCHIERI INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT). CALAMATTA CUSCHIERI & CO. LTD (CC) IS LICENCED BY THE MFSA. THE HIGH INCOME BOND FUND EURO IS A SUB-FUND OF CALAMATTA CUSCHIERI FUNDS SICAV PLC AND IS AUTHORISED BY THE MFSA. PERFORMANCE FIGURES QUOTED REFER TO THE PAST AND ARE NOT A GUARANTEE FOR FUTURE PERFORMANCE. THE VALUE OF THE INVESTMENT MAY RISE AS WELL AS FALL. INVESTORS MAY INCUR A SUBSCRIPTION CHARGE AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO TAX ON DISTRIBUTIONS. INVESTMENT SHOULD BASED ON THE CCFS PLC PROSPECTUS, WHICH MAY BE OBTAINED FROM CC OFFICES. ISSUED BY CC. 25 688 688 HIGH INCOME BOND FUND EURO 5.75%* Last 6 months dividend yield (annualised) Maximise your Investment Return Invest in over 60 Bonds 29.20%** Since September 2011 CONTINUES PAGE 3 Newspaper post SHout: 'Make spring hunting history' SPRING Hunting Out campaigners yesterday gathered outside the Naxxar Counting Complex, where the result of the long awaited spring hunting refer- endum will be announced on Sunday, calling on all voters to be part of his- tory. Mark Sultana, SHout campaign spokesperson said, "The long awaited opportunity to abolish spring hunting is now upon us. In just four days' time we will be making our marks not only on the ballot paper, but in the history books. "The referendum is a democratic process which reflects the wish of the people. This is the first time that voters of different political beliefs have come together and joined forces to make the change." A No vote would secure a better fu- ture for the environment as well as for future generations, halting the killing of migrating birds before they have a chance to breed and bringing to an end what SHout calls 'backroom deals' be- tween hunters and politicians. Furthermore, a No vote would bring Malta in line with the rest of Europe, where spring hunting is banned every- where. Spokesperson Saviour Balzan said that the campaign to stop spring hunt- ing had been a positive campaign and urged everyone to remember what the political leaders had stated: both Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil had made it very clear that people were free to vote as they wished. He added "this is a referendum about spring hunting and the countryside and nothing else". "This is an amazing opportunity which we have been given, a chance for each and every one of us to play our part in the democratic process of our coun- try. Collect your vote, use your vote, together we can bring about change. Together, we can make history." Konrad Mizzi (left) with Shanghai Electric representatives. The Opposition's protestations come late in the day, since the legal notices incorporating Enemalta into a plc and also exempting the company from government rules on the transfer of its lands, were passed in the House of Representatives with little opposition from the Nationalist bench

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