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maltatoday, THURSDAY, 25 MAY 2017 5 CONTINUES FROM PAGE 1 Ac- cording to IntelligenceOn-, a French publi- cation founded in 1980 by Indigo Publications that cov- ers the intelligence sector, British and American intel- ligence agencies, "with MI6 and CIA at the forefront" were concerned about pos- sible Russian interference in the Maltese election process. "The allegations were made by a Russian accountant, Ma- ria E., who long worked in Cyprus and is now in Malta, where she previously served with Pilatus Bank," the report said referring to the Egrant allegations. There was no clear con- nection stated between the Egrant allegations and Rus- sian inf luence, but the pub- lication namedropped Alex Zaslavsky, saying that the whistleblower works for a St Julian's eMoney payment firm, that belongs to Zaslavs- ky. MaltaToday could not con- firm that Zaslavsky, listed as an American citizen with a California domicile accord- ing to the Maltese company registry, shares the same ad- dress with the whistleblower as claimed in IntelligenceOn- According to Intelligen-, "some officials perceive it as a move to desta- bilise Malta's pro-Western prime minister that comes from on high in the Kremlin, especially because it has oc- curred at a time when Mus- cat has been openly opposed to Moscow," it said referring to Malta's refusal to allow Russian vessels like the RFS Dubra sailing to Syria to stop over and refuel on the island. That stirred Moscow's fury as it deemed such refuelling vital. The Russian foreign ministry had condemned Malta's decision saying in a statement that the island had "fallen victim to an informa- tion war led by the West". News national security committee on Russia allegations Report carried in of a hunter she also felt that it was not right for all hunters to be labelled the same, and that those who insist on breaking the law should be punished. Farrugia added that while there will in- evitably be points of disagreement, she was confident that Busuttil and herself could build on points of agreement. Responding to the observation that PD had not be seen very often so far in the campaign, Farrugia said the party was do- ing a lot of work on the ground and had had an input in formulating a considerable number of the PN's proposals. On allegations of corruption surrounding the tendering process for the BWSC power plant back in 2007, where it has been al- leged that then minister George Pullicino had changed environmental laws to suit the BWSC's bid, Farrugia said that the al- legations were not new and nothing had been found to imply wrongdoing. She said that the people would have the power to decide who to elect and who not to elect. Marlene Farrugia Joseph Muscat said that he was aware of the allegations

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