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ELECTION SPECIAL €1.00 Newspaper post MONDAY • 29 MAY 2017 • ISSUE 536 • WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT ELECTIONS DAYS TO GO 5 PAGE 5 Five days to go and Renzi, Blair and Weber lend support to campaigns FORMER Italian Prime Minister Mat- teo Renzi and EPP President Manfred Weber surely have never experienced such immense crowds. We may be small but the Maltese take political elections very seriously – perhaps far too seriously. Indeed the number of uncollected votes stood at 12,335 from the original figure of undelivered of 37,394 votes. At the mass meeting on il-Fosos, Ren- zi, the charismatic Partito Democra- tico president, poured praise on Joseph Muscat, on his economic achievements and his role in the EU Council. "I know elections are always tough and sometimes they don't always focus on the issues that matter, but they're a moment of great decision," he said. "And so, as Malta approaches [election day], I congratulate him and wish him every luck." Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair also recorded an audio message heaping praise on Muscat for his pro- gressive and civil liberties achieve- ments. As expected the crowds re- sponded with applause and a good deal of shouting and jeering. On the other hand, German MEP Manfred Weber reminded the PN mass meeting that the socialists were being routed out in Europe and that their natural choice was now Simon Busuttil. "Your vote isn't only for the future of Malta, but for the future of Europe – and the future of Europe is without cor- ruption," he said. "Europe isn't perfect but, when compared to other countries like the USA, we know how good the European way of life is." SEE FULL REPORT PAGES 4,5,6 AND 7 Matteo Renzi introduced Joseph Muscat to the mass meeting held at il- Fosos Manfred Weber (inset) spoke yesterday at the PN mass meeting addressed by Simon Busuttil

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