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MALTATODAY 10 December 2023

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EQUALITY FROM THE HEART WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT SUNDAY • 10 DECEMBER 2023 • ISSUE 1258 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY Book café and a reading garden proposed at Belt is-Sebh library PAGE 7 Malta resists Helena Dalli text on no- consent rape PAGES 10 - 11 Developers seeking 2 more floors for Savoy PAGE 16 Cicero's cue Landmark Rape Protecting women maltatoday PAGE 6 PAGE 9 PAGS 12 - 15 Dr Natalie Psaila talks about abortion sexual health, and education INTERVIEW MT2 Gozo Abbazia: 'Archbishop turned foundation deed into à la carte menu by allowing lawyer to lease out lands to speculators' KARL AZZOPARDI Labour strengthens lead despite record abstentions • 69.8% turnout would give a 10,352-vote advantage to Labour • 30.2% will not vote if an election is held now • Abela enjoys a trust lead of 16.4 points over Grech • 41.3% of voters trust neither of the leaders VOTING Other: 9.6% | Turnout: 69.8% TRUST Abela: 37.5% Grech: 21% None: 41.3% | Gap: 16.4pts PL 47.3% 43.1% PN MALTATODAY'S latest survey shows lit- tle change over the past month with Labour increasing its lead over the PN by less than a point. Support for the PL stands at 47.3%, the PN at 43.1% and third parties collectively poll 9.6%. Robert Abela's trust rating stands at 37.5% while Bernard Grech is trusted by 21%. But the survey confirms widespread dis- gruntlement particularly among Labour voters, with the party losing 34% of its 2022 voters to abstention. Moreover, a relative ma- jority of voters trust neither leader. For the first time, the MaltaToday survey provides a breakdown of voting intentions and the trust barometer by income brackets. The breakdown suggests higher levels of disgruntlement with the political class among those earning between €1,000 and €3,000 a month. AN Opposition motion calling for independent MP Rosianne Cuta- jar to return money from a past consultancy has caused a stir in the PN parliamentary group. The parliamentary motion asks Cutajar to return money she was paid as a consultant to the CEO of the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) in 2019. A National Audit Office probe found her employ- ment to be irregular and fraudu- lent. Furore among PN MPs as Rosianne Cutajar motion reveals inconvenient truth Rosianne Cutajar €1.95 JAMES DEBONO

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