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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 26 JANUARY 2022 ACROSS 1) True inner se lf 6) Proto finish? 11) Flicked a Bic 1 4) Large-eyed lemur 15) Like ghost sight ings 16 ) "Double Fantasy" singer Yoko 17) Destructive hip-hopper? 19) ___Mateo, Calif. 20) Longtime Chinese leader 21) Baby carrier? 22) One of a pair of famous twins 23) Competing with 27) Submarin e's realm 29) Apply with short strokes 30) Give a hoot 32) Create a cartoon 33) Batman and Robin, dynamically 34) "Zounds!" 36) Like a floor ready to be mopped 39) Edible seaweed 41) Long, sweeping stories 43) Snake-oil salesman 44) Word form for "false" 46) "G et lost!" 48) Government procure- ment group 49) Nonkosher 51) It may roll across a beach 52) Designer's bottom line 53) Is a good boy or girl 56) Indy 500 refueling time 58) Rock worth something 59) Oath affirmation 60) Common pronoun 61) Guy's partner 62) Not gas or liquid 68) Olympics chant 69) Muse who inspires poets 70) "You can't be serious!" 71) Work with patterns 72) Rec room game 73) Maternally related DOWN 1) Vestment 2) It's often seen between here and there 3) Angry feeling 4) Where Little Havana is 5) With a sideways look 6) Round veggie 7) Legendary QB Dawson 8) Formed a curve 9) Blockaded 10) Business marriages 11) Diets successfully 12) Preposterously silly 13) Kingdom in the South Seas 18) Medicinal amount to take 23) Tally 24) French folks 25) Not held accountable 26) Mouse hazards 28) Ratchet engager 31) Royal order 35) Currency substitute 37) Public boulevard 38) Charlie Chaplin character 40) Invisible emanation 42) Enjoyment in cruelty 45) Invented 47) Swamp gas, mostly 50) Felt hat 53) Counterfeit 54) Take off the board? 55) Type of energy 57) Have one's heart ___ (desire strongly) 63) Cousin of TV? 64) Two, in Spain 65) Erstwhile airline 66) Have today's special 67) "A pocketful of ___ ..." Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Fine or partly cloudy becoming partly to rather cloudy Visibility Good Wind North to Northwest force 3 or 4 becoming F4 or 5 TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER MAINLY CLOUDY PARTLY CLOUDY 13 0 / 5 0 15 0 / 9 0 FEELS LIKE 11 0 FEELS LIKE 13 0 LUKE VELLA THE Nationalist Party is boy- cotting the parliamemtary health committee, after the gov- ernment appointed as its chair- man the Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar, who is implicated in an ethics breach. The PN said there had been no agreement by government and Opposition on the appointment on the appointment of Cutajar, two months after being found guilty of an ethics breach. "Robert Abela showed blatant disregard of the institutions by appointing Cutajar after she was forced to resign her Cab- inet post. This shows what to expect if Robert Abela wins the next election," the PN said. In December 2020, Malta- Today had revealed that the then junior minister for equal- ity Rosianne Cutajar and her political aide were alleged to have received some €100,000 in brokers' fees for the sale of a €3.1 million Mdina property to Yorgen Fenech – the magnate accused of masterminding the assassination of Daphne Carua- na Galizia. She was an MP at the time of the alleged brokerage. In November 2021, following an investigation by the Com- missioner for Standards in Pub- lic Life, government and Op- position MPs on the standards committee accepted the con- clusions of a report that found Rosianne Cutajar breached eth- ics when failing to declare in- come from a property deal for Yorgen Fenech. The PN reiterated its position that Cutajar was unfit for pub- lic office and emphasised she should not be promoted to such a role. It stated it would not be participating in the committee, saying Cutajar is "unqualified for this position". "The PN will also remain fo- cused on working hard to enact an unprecedented 12 Bills that fight corruption, financial crime and the mafia to help make sure the Labour government does not get away with murder." In reaction, the Labour Par- ty said the PN's boycott of the committee came 12 hours af- ter NGO Repubblika "had told Grech to object to Cutajar's appointment... Repubblika had expressed its disappointment that PN had not objected to the appointment initially." PN boycotts House health committee after Rosianne Cutajar appointed chairperson Rosianne Cutajar: guilty of an ethics breach

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