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2 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 20 MARCH 2022 ELECTION 2022 LABOUR'S audiovisual company One Productions has been left out of the party's major election rally today Sunday, with none other than Anton Attard – the producer of X Factor Malta – tasked with sound and stage logistics. Attard, a one-time Na- tionalist Party consultant who later branched off into some of Television Malta's major produc- tions, was seen at the Malta Fairs Convention Centre in Ta' Qali super- vising logistics for the La- bour rally's stage design. One Production staff voiced disappointment at being left out of the or- ganisation for the Labour Party's rally on Sunday, and will be instead tasked with broadcasting the event. "You won't see one sin- gle member from One at this activity, because even the outside broadcasting unit was hired through a third party... all organ- isation is in the hands of Anton Attard," an eyewit- ness source said. Attard famously accom- panied former National- ist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando in his campaign to deny allegations by La- bour leader Alfred Sant in 2008, of using his influ- ence for a planning per- mit. Staff at Labour's One TV fumes as Anton Attard company tasked with Labour rally's stage The Labour rally stage at the MFCC in Ta' Qali set for today Sunday

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