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MALTA ĊERTEZZA U STABBILTÀ budget2023 gvern lokali Even though Covid19 brought with it extraordinary realities and new challenges, this year, the Government continued to invest in local and regional councils. Through time we have understood the importance of the roles that these authorities hold in Malta and Gozo. Hence our government wanted to ensure that local councils had the necessary support to address the localities' needs that change through time to improve residents' lives. What are the Local Government's plans for 2023? Next year, the Local Government will continue to complement and support the Central Government's work on a local basis, while strengthening local and regional councils' structures. STRENGTHENING WHAT WE ACHIEVED IN 2022 • Revision of the Performance Benchmarks of local and regional councils and assisting in the appointment of an NAO Liaison Officer within regional councils to continue enforcing good and effective governance practices. • A new mechanism will be implemented towards the financing of local and regional schemes. • A revised process in the issuing of local council permits to facilitate the permits service for residents. • An evaluation of Local Government legislation is underway to identify how local and regional councils can contribute more to national policies. • A new digital system to enable residents to access the local councils' services from different localities. • A common system that will facilitate residents to follow local council meetings on demand. FINANCIAL INVESTMENT FOR LOCAL AND REGIONAL COUNCILS • Support and maintenance of major infrastructural projects that have been implemented by the Government. • Celebrating and supporting Maltese cultural heritage on a regional basis. • Projects that guarantee cleaner localities. • Campaigns promoting a better and healthy environment. DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW AND SUSTAINABLE STRATEGY FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT • Good and effective governance on a legislative and administrative level. • Strengthening regional councils' structures by implementing new systems and projects on a regional basis. • Localities with a cleaner environment through financial schemes that assist local and regional councils in reaching their goals. • Local councils closer to residents through several schemes, projects and services made easily accessible by everyone. FINANCIAL ALLOCATION THAT WILL CONTINUE STRENGHTENING LOCAL AND REGIONAL COUNCILS IN 2023 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 30 OCTOBER 2022

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