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TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT SUNDAY • 30 JULY 2023 • ISSUE 1239 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY The economic cost for homes, businesses and the country PAGES 13 - 15 The elusive Maltese spell checker: still a way to go PAGE 3 Robert Abela's decisions are souring Labour's electoral soup PAGES 10 - 11 Power cuts Spelling U-turns Agent of change maltatoday PAGE 7 Aleks Farrugia insits Labour must change political roadmap to remain relevant INTERVIEW MT2 MATTHEW FARRUGIA Y-PLATE vehicles which are used as passen- ger transport vehicles are being illegally rented to third parties for ridiculously high sums of money, MaltaToday can reveal. A Facebook group made up of around 8,600 people which discusses matters relevant to Y-plate car owners is sometimes used as an ad- vertising space for people trying to rent these types of vehicles. This practise, although seemingly common, is illegal. Transport Malta, the regulator, has told this newspaper that "LY or GY plated ve- hicles cannot be rented to third parties." A MaltaToday journalist posing as an inter- ested party reached out to one of the people advertising a Y-plate vehicle for rent to inquire about the conditions for renting the vehicles. Upon answering, the woman offering to rent her Y-plate vehicle explained that in order to start renting the vehicle, a lump sum of €3,000 had to be paid. Two thirds of the sum were part of a "deposit," while the rest of the sum would be the first month's rent. PAGE 3 MATTHEW AGIUS A judge has refused to enforce a garnishee order against a Maltese gaming company, invoking the supremacy of Malta's Constitu- tion over EU law in a landmark judgment. The decision was handed down by Mr Justice Toni Abela in the First Hall of the Civil Court on 21 July, in the case Michael Christian Felsberger et vs TSG Interactive Gaming Europe Ltd. Judge rules for supremacy of Malta's Constitution over EU law Judge Toni Abela Illegal and abusive Y-plate car rentals advertised on Facebook MALTATODAY INVESTIGATION €1.95

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