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ELECTION SPECIAL €1.00 Newspaper post PAGE 8, 9 MONDAY • 22 MAY 2017 • ISSUE 531 • WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT ELECTIONS DAYS TO GO 12 IN 2012 the son-in-law of Turkish Presi- dent Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Berat Albayrak, helped set up eight com- panies in Malta in a bid to avoid paying millions of dollars in taxes for his company – Turkey's mas- sive energy, textile and construc- tion group conglomerate Çalık Holding, a report in the Malta Files has shown. The Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism and The Black Sea included the re- port within the Malta Files, which were pub- lished yesterday by the European Investigative Collaborations in 13 countries, including Mal- taToday, and which show how Malta works as a base for tax avoidance inside the EU. Over the last three months, the EIC network has dug into 100,000s of documents that show how Mal- ta operates a tax system where companies pay the lowest tax on profits in the EU. The Black Sea reported that Albayrak also opened other ac- counts in Sweden in an intricate offshore structure that was, how- ever, in the end not needed for Albayrak, then-CEO of the Turkish multinational, after he was appointed Turkey's Minister of Energy and Resources in 2015. Erdogan's son-in-law set up Malta accounts to avoid millions in tax PN's former international secretary pumps crowds for Joseph Muscat JOHN Bonello, the former member of the Nationalist Party's executive and party international secretary turned up at the Labour mass meet- ing in Mqabba yesterday to urge the electorate to vote for Labour leader Joseph Muscat. Bonello delivered a scathing de- scription of PN leader Simon Busut- til, whom he accused of being "a liar". "I know Simon Busuttil, who prom- ises one thing and does another. He lied to me. And like he lied to me, how will lie to all of us. Liar! Liar!" Bonello shouted, to chants of "Viva l-Labour!" Addressing the undecided voters and those who voted for the La- bour Party for the first time in 2013, Bonello insisted that they should still vote for the PL. "Let us not lose what this country has achieved. To those who wanted to renew the PN by voting for Labour in 2013, don't be fooled that this has happened. The people behind the PN billboards and Simon Busuttil are still the same people… those who enjoyed saying 'no' to everything and who are waiting breathlessly for 4 June to get back in power." John Bonello (Right): "I know Simon Busuttil, who promises one thing and does another. He lied to me. And like he lied to me, he will lie to all of us. Liar! Liar!" Prime Minister calls on Auditor General to investigate newspaper allegations that former PN minister George Pullicino ignored consultants advise and allowed BWSC to save 20 million. See page 5 PAGE 2 Muscat is a bully, Briguglio tells PN mass meeting CIVIL society ac- tivist and former AD chairman Michael Brigug- lio insisted Si- mon Busuttil was a man of integrity who was the only person that could bring normality back to the country. He insisted that the country is in need of a gentle politician like Simon Busuttil, and not a bully like Joseph Muscat. He was addressing Nationalist Party supporters yes- terday in Zabbar, where he said that the country could not stand idly by and become a nation of corruption. This, he said, was why he was supporting Simon Busuttil, a man he said he wished to see become Prime Minister. PAGE 2

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