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YANNICK PACE MALTESE authorities are set to clamp down on owners of holiday apartments who continue to rent out their premises without a li- cence, MaltaToday has learnt. Work has been underway for some time for the Malta Tourism Authority to be able to address the problem, which sources said was far greater than initially believed. They described estimates of 3,000 unlicensed operators as "conserva- tive". The rise of online platforms like Airbnb and com- bined with Malta's ever-increasing tourist numbers, including during the winter months, has provided apartments owners with the op- portunity to enter a market they might have previously been unable to. But as the number of people opt- ing to stay in holiday apartments increases, so too have calls for there to be a proper enforcement of regulations. JAMES DEBONO THE absence of regular testing for histamine, freshness and the presence of parasites is one of the "serious deficiencies" in official controls found "in a multitude of areas" related to food safety in Maltese fisheries. Histamine fish poisoning results from the consumption of inadequately preserved and improperly refrigerated fish. The symptoms, which resemble an allergic reaction, are actually caused by bacterially-generated toxins in the fish's tissues. According to the European Commission's au- dit report, official controls of fisheries products have demonstrated important deficiencies, "as the required checks for histamine, parasites and organoleptic characteristics ( f r e s h - ness) are not carried out". And in most land-based establishments, the specific risks posed by " h i s t a - mine, para- sites, and mercury for species like tuna and s w o r d f i s h " were not be- ing considered by the business operator or veri- fied during official controls. maltatoday 2 today SUNDAY • 4 AUGUST 2019 • ISSUE 1031 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday This Week Joseph Camilleri of jazz ensemble Blue Tangerine Q and A Mark Micallef Costa of SterjoTipi Film Men in Black: International 2 The all new pull-out section INSIDE • LISTINGS • TV • LAW • CLASSIFIEDS €1.95 today today Brussels flags hygiene issues in Maltese fisheries PAGE 4 PAGE 3 Blitz on thousands of unlicensed tourist apartments malta SUNDAY • FOOD SAFETY MARA CLARKE Banning aborion does not save babies, it drives poor people to desperation INTERVIEW 16-17 CENTRAL LINK BLUES FIVE REASONS THE CENTRAL LINK PROJECT HAS GOT UNDER PEOPLE'S SKIN PAGE 8-9 EDITORIAL 18 INSIDE MT2 YOUR FIRST READ AND CLICK OF THE DAY WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT

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