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Newspaper post maltatoday YOUR FIRST READ AND FIRST CLICK OF THE DAY WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT today €1.40 CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD Touchy... us? WHO'S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD RUSSIAN BEAR? TIM DIACONO went to Strasbourg to ask the Maltese MEPs today today SUNDAY • 22 JANUARY 2017 • ISSUE 898 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY PN wants to persuade Sadeen 'to give up Zonqor' JURGEN BALZAN AND YANNICK PACE SINCE taking over the EU presidency, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has repeatedly called for a new migration deal with Libya, replicating the arrangement between Turkey and the EU. The Maltese government is now mooting the idea of striking a deal with other North African countries such as Algeria and Egypt, government sources have told MaltaToday. Addressing the European Parliament last week, Muscat said that after paying Libya to stem the flow of migrants leav- ing its shores by boat, the EU can look into organ- ising "humanitarian safe passages and corridors, that would get recognised asylum seekers to Europe safely." Government sources said that any deal with Libya "must include strong investment and an aid package, while technical assis- tance should also be provided" – a suggestion that raises the pros- pect of money for Libya and the possibility of European coast- guard patrols placed just outside Libyan waters to take part in the interception of mi- grant boats. The idea of striking a deal with Algeria and Egypt was also mentioned by foreign minis- ter George Vella, who last week told Malta- Today that a deal with such countries is on the cards but recognised the difficulty of im- plementing such a plan. On Wednesday, Muscat told MEPs in Strasbourg that the EU's migrant deal with Turkey must be replicated with northern Af- rican countries, otherwise "Europe will face a major migration crisis". MATTHEW AGIUS A Nationalist government will enter into talks with the American Univer- sity of Malta's licensees, Sadeen Edu- cational, "to persuade them to give up the site in Zonqor", the site con- troversially selected for the private campus which generated one of the largest ever environmental protests back in 2015. PN leader Simon Busuttil said his party's green pledge 'Quality of Life for You – Proposals for the Environ- ment' would "pull the environment out of political controversy, and stop reaching pre-electoral deals that are affecting it. Someone must have the courage to come up with a long-term vision," and committed to the intro- duction of Constitutional protection for the environ- ment. a major migration crisis". PAGE 4 MALTATODAY SURVEY You need a political saint in Gozo PAGE 3 14 15 Hundreds of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers fall victim to trafficking gangs Why can't the Maltese take national criticism on the chin? 16 17 Government plan for EU to process asylum seekers in Algeria or Egypt Malta's 'Libya deal' to push EU border south Gozo's young are convinced that political favouritism is rife in jobs, permits and contracts 2 Let me help you: Labour minister Anton Refalo, and his Nationalist predecessor Giovanna Debono 10 11

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