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SAVIOUR BALZAN Commissioner of Police Michael Cas- sar will be calling it a day after being advised by doctors that the pressure of work was taking a heavy toll. Work stress and his general health have led him to take a decision to give up his job, leaving the government with the unprecedented scenario of having to find the fourth police com- missioner in three years. The police chief formerly headed the Security Service. Cassar had to undergo medical su- pervision when he suffered from se- vere chest pains after returning from a holiday with his wife in Rome. But close aides have told MaltaTo- day that the straw that broke the cam- el's back was a request for comment from sections of the media asking him whether he is the beneficial own- er of an offshore Panama company. "He was shocked to have been asked the question," a source said, referring to questions from the Malta Inde- pendent. 'Panama' questions put police chief on defensive GOZO minister Anton Refalo was involved in a traffic ac- cident when he collided into another car being driven by a police officer. But it turned out that Refalo's insurance and car licence had not been renewed. Refalo confirmed with Mal- taToday that he was involved in the 16 March car accident, during which his private car had neither been insured nor was it covered by a valid car licence. "I was involved in a car ac- cident that did not lead to any injuries. I took the initiative to contact the police, who took all the necessary details," Anton Refalo told MaltaToday. "A day later I was informed by the Superintendent of Po- lice that my car licence and in- surance had not been renewed or paid. Nonetheless I later confirmed that my insurance had in fact been paid but my insurance agency had failed to process the car licence renewal with the transport authority. "As a result the police will is- sue a police ticket for this traf- fic contravention." Correspondence seen by Mal- taToday shows that the police sought the advice of the Attor- ney General on how to proceed on the case. Attorney General Peter Grech informed the Commis- sioner of Police that since the insurance fee was paid six days before the accident, the only offence was the failure to have a renewed driver's licence. Cassar instructed the police in Gozo to follow the AG's ad- vice and issue a fine. Newspaper post SUNDAY • 24 APRIL 2016 • ISSUE 859 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday RENO BUGEJA Interviewed 'Politicians think they are important, and try to dominate everything… ' 400 years of the Bard YOUR FIRST READ AND FIRST CLICK OF THE DAY WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT €1.40 SUNDAY • 24 APRIL 2016 • ISSUE 859 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY 10 11 Robert Horynold- Strickland 'Strickland Foundation must come clean' to questions from PAGE 7 400 years of the Bard RENO BUGEJA Robert Horynold- 'Even Disney appropriated his work, from Gaston's nod to Macbeth when he yells 'Screw your courage to the sticking place' 400 years of the Bard 400 years of the Bard 400 years of the Bard Macbeth when he yells 'Screw your Macbeth when he yells 'Screw your 10 11 23 MALTATODAY SURVEY AND TRUST BAROMETER PAGES 16-17 PM regains trust but majority want Mizzi and Schembri out Minister blames insurance after driving car with expired licence PN's 'Panama Papers' no confidence motion boosts Muscat's standing with Labour core, but majority want Mizzi and Schembri out. Even 17% Labour voters agree 42.6% (5.6p) 35.6% (2.1p)

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